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Friday, July 20, 2012

In preparation

Josh and I have sorted through quite a few random boxes over the past few days as we transition the spare room into the "baby room" AND, I should mention, the birthing room! Yep, that's right, we're planning on a home birth! We had our full home-visit today with Joy, Misty and Debbie along with our mommies.  It is surreal to think that we will soon be gathering again--laboring through the arrival of our little one. Josh and I have been praying that everything will work out to have our baby at home. So far, so good. We are not opposed to the hospital or those that choose to birth there, but we are very excited about the opportunity to have our baby at home. Yes, there are uncertainties, but we are at peace that we will start at home and know that whatever happens, we will make choices that are best for our family. 

I have never had a baby, and don't pretend to have things figured out, but I'm willing to do my very best with the support of my family, midwifery professionals, and our Savior. We've prepared our best, and that's all we can do. It was so fun today to gather in our living room and casually chat about life, and, of course, labor. We can't wait to meet our baby! I told the ladies, some days I think I may have to go out and buy bows after the baby is born, while other days I assume we'll have to schedule a circumcision! Whether a boy or girl, we will love this baby to the fullest!

After the meeting we were treated to dinner by Josh's parents, my parents in love, Jay and Jennifer. Our destination? Mazzio's Pizza! What a treat! They introduced their gluten-free pizza to our location this past week, and let's just say this outing wasn't our first of the week and won't be our last in the weeks to come. We enjoyed our time together, and concluded the outing with smooth custard from Andy's

Josh wrote the first post on his new blog today! I'm looking forward to reading his words and learning more about music, especially his style. I'm glad we're trying to blog/journal more often, it helps archive this life-changing time. 

I was flipping through Josh's phone and came across this ultrasound picture of our baby. All those little bones and muscles at 20 weeks formed. We can't wait to meet you on the outside little one!

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  1. We love eating gluten-free with you! :) Just being with y'all at all!


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