Hi, I'm Andrea! Our little family of four lives in South Florida and leads worship. We are here to share the love of Christ and live life together. We're learning a lot here and enjoy looking for opportunities to grow. Thanks for listening and coming alongside us!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Today Was Different

I liked the way today went--we changed our routine and tried something new. I'd been convicted that things needed to change. I tried lots of new things today.

1st - Wake Up Together

Marshall has been typically waking up within minutes after Josh walks out of the front door or starts the car to head to class--while I am still in bed trying to get back to sleep from Josh's alarm and my groggy good-bye. Last night, Josh and I decided that we would wake up together. You might wonder why this isn't my routine already, but honestly, I've been so tired that I would try to squeeze every last moment of shut-eye before sliding out of bed, plus I love sleep. But, you know what, today was so much better. Josh patiently woke me to consciousness, Marshall actually woke up as well and we had a lovely 20 minutes together before the school/work day began.

Such. a. difference. I will WILL myself to do it again tomorrow! Made for a great start. 

2nd - A Heartfelt Send-Off

[rather than being half awake]

3rd - Music During Breakfast

While little man ate his breakfast I cranked a Pandora station. I still was dusting the clouds from my sleepy brain, and wow did music help! I even got the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded while tending to Marshall and my hunger. The music continued throughout the morning! 

4th - Room Time

Now that Marsh is nearing the 18 month mark and enjoys to play most of the day and nap once, I have realized that I need a bit more calm down time to myself. Marshall has always been good at independent play, but always toggles between playing with me and his toys. Today I got a quiet time in my room while Marshall played in his. I put the baby gate in his doorway so he didn't feel trapped - and I was surprised how well he did! No tears, no complaints at all! I peeked in a couple of times to see him trying on shoes and walking through his play-door, quite content. This may be a daily routine that can be in place of his morning nap, since he no longer seems to need sleep that early in the day.

5th - Card Table Laundry

Popped open the good ol' card table and cranked out some laundry today (Josh helped A LOT when he came home for lunch...just because he loves me!) I had been trying to use the couch or the coffee table, but Mosho liked to play in the stacks :) The card table helped keep things out of reach, and Marsh enjoyed playing underneath!

6th - Bake

7 layer bars-- yum! I hadn't baked in awhile, and it was a nice treat for my Joshua. Won't bake everyday or anything, but it did brighten up today. Marshall is getting so much better at feeding himself, even with a spoon, which I have learn to appreciate and utilize! 

7th - LISTEN to the Bible

If you haven't found this great resource and often find your eyes tired - give a listen by looking up a passage or reading plan and clicking on the speaker icon at the top!

This verse really stood out to me today in my reading listening, as if I had never seen it before--
Read that again-- Do you know how Jesus walked? Do you claim to live in Him? 
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