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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Like It's My Job - Saving Money #3 Groceries

Saving Money on Groceries!
Grocery spending varies greatly between families. Brand preference, special diets and store choices cause quite a range in grocery budgets. For our family, we choose to shop primarily at Aldi for our daily staples, and supplement with other stores running sales or with bulk availability. 

We all have our routines, but there is a way to create even more simple savings on things you already buy. Download these 3 rebate apps: Checkout 51, Ibotta, and Shopminum! These rebates can be combined with sales and coupons!
APP #1
Did you know you could be saving more money at any store, even at Aldi?
My new main way - Checkout 51! Offers I've claimed so far include discounts of $.50 on milk, yogurt and eggs, $2 just for uploading your first receipt, $.25 off an avocado and broccoli...and many more!

1. Download the free app or sign up online at Josh and I both have accounts on our Republic Wireless phones - the offers do vary. 

2. Browse the deals - I use the app on my phone to look through the list of special offers for the given week. New offers renew each Thursday!

3. Go Shopping at your favorite store - save money by buying what you would normally buy with the deals in mind. 

4. Upload your receipt(s) and check the boxes of the offers you are claiming. You will be notified when your receipt is finalized. 

5. Cash Out once you've received at least $20 in refunds!

Unique benefits to Checkout 51 -
  •  Simple Savings on everyday products I was already buying
  •  Easy upload
  •  Bonuses offered for extra $1
  •  Enter to win $500 each time you spend $60 or more on one uploaded receipt. Shopping at Walmart? coupon match-ups: HERE
APP #2
If you are shopping at Walmart, Publix, Costco, Dollar General (and about 80 other retail chains) look into also downloading Ibotta
  Ibotta works similarly to Checkout 51, but in select stores. I have enjoyed earning rebates on gluten free items like Rudi's bread and Enjoy Life cookies. 

The app is self-explanatory and walks you through EVERYTHING! 
Unique benefits to Ibotta -  

  • Cash out sooner - after earning $5 and use Venmo or Paypal
  • Use Venmo (similar to Paypal) you earn an extra $5 just for signing up through Ibotta and cashing out your offer!
  • Refer-a-Friend - When your friend uses your link it gives them $2 (use my link: if they upload a receipt within 10 days, and gives you a few more dollars on your account! 
  • Complete Bonuses for extra savings on your rebates
  • Double CheckThere is a great feature to actually scan the bar-code of the item, to double check to make sure it matches the rebate! 
Here is my referral link
Shopping at Walmart? coupon match-ups: HERE 
APP #3
The final app I would suggest is Shopmium : please copy and paste my referral code MUKYKERJ
Unique benefits to Shopmium -  
  • Immediate Cash Out - using Paypal
  • Refer-a-Friend - Earn $2 when you refer a friend and they submit their first rebate! They receive a FREE Lindt Chocolate bar (use my referral code at sign up: MUKYKERJ)
  • Double Check - There is a great feature to actually scan the bar-code of the item, to double check to make sure it matches the rebate! 
  • Free items! I got a FREE container of tic tac's this week when I was at Publix :) That was nice!
HERE is the link to download! 
Enter my referral code MUKYKERJ when you sign up for a FREE treat!
I hope you enjoy these apps! Check out the other posts in this series: 

Special tips and ideas:
  1. Before you shop - Purchase discount gift cards from your favorite store from Cardpool or another company mentioned in THIS post to save even more!
  2. Follow each app on Facebook to have a heads up on special offers
  3. The rebates are limited in quantity, so if you see something you like, act on it!  
  4. The rebates apps can be combined: example - If I purchase milk at Walmart, I can scan the receipt for a rebate with Checkout 51 and Ibotta (if both offer that particular rebate that week) - usually 50 cents off from both!
  5. This week, both Josh and I had a rebate offer on Checkout 51 for 25 cents off an avocado. We purchased one avocado on a separate receipt and the remainder of our grocery purchase on the other. I uploaded the single avocado receipt and Josh uploaded the other.
  6. Search online to see if there are coupons to go along with your rebates. They can be combined! 
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  1. Found your blog through weeks end... Great post! I use checkout 51 and ibotta already but am definitely going to check into shopmium- thanks!!

    1. I'm so glad you came by, Sarah! Sometimes you can even combine some of the offers between the apps, which is super fun! I got a really great deal on "Naked Juice" a couple of months ago with Ibotta, coupons and Shopmium! I hope you enjoy and it can help your family!


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