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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Air Plants - Loving these rainy summer days!

We've been in quite the rainy season here in South Florida! I've always enjoyed thunderstorms! Something about the rolling clouds, the wind whipping through the trees, the rumble of thunder and sleepiness of the rain showering down on the roof puts me [and my family] in a calm and peaceful mood. And that added whoosh of the rain and wind makes for great napping weather!
Little Marsh always sleeps a bit longer during his naps and, when awake, shouts "Raaaain!" and "FUNder!" at the top of his sweet voice, eyes wide with excitement!

A special bonus about living in a tropical climate, is that after the storms, there are air plants and Spanish moss that have fallen off of the trees and lay along the base of the trees in our front lawn -- that beckon me to welcome them into my home :) If I don't collect them, the lawn service mows over them, so I am quick to be out on a nature walk!

We made a trip to Goodwill on Monday and found a darling vase that is perfect for air plants! It has a little basin with a side spout to refill the water. What a find! I love having these plants in our home not only for their beauty but also for their ability to purify the air!
These plants are extremely low maintenance, perfect for...well...pretty much everyone! Here are a few little tips for care --

  •  Wet your air plants 2-3 times a week in the morning with a mister or at the base [more frequently if you live in a dry environment, less often in an especially humid one]. The best water to use is rainfall, pond or aquarium water. Distilled water is a big NO NO with air plants because it messes with their salt content!
  • Make sure your plants have good air circulation and light, but are not smoldering by a window with lots of reflecting glass. 
  • If you use aquarium or pond water, there is no need to fertilize!
  • Don't stress out-- these are forgiving plants! If your plant is starting to look brittle, give it a good 30 min water soak.
    Want more info? Here is a great site!

Do you keep air plants in your home? Have you had any great thrifting finds lately?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is so cool! I've never heard of air plants but I love the idea! Thanks Andrea!

  2. Oh thanks Kelli! They are so pretty and fun -- they fit right in with a little succulent pot or terrarium!

  3. How do you like life in Florida? Do you ever get evacuated because of hurricane or storm warnings? I always keep a list in my mind of "places I might want to live" and Florida keeps popping up! I've only been once YEARS ago, but I really like the idea of life there. :)

    Rainy days are the best...And a good thunderstorm will make my week!

    I keep hearing about "air plants"! They sound so strange, but I think I want to give one a go.

  4. I've always wanted to put an air plant in my kitchen. Thanks for the tips! It sounds like something I wouldn't kill. Haha! :-)


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