Hi, I'm Andrea! Our little family of four lives in South Florida and leads worship. We are here to share the love of Christ and live life together. We're learning a lot here and enjoy looking for opportunities to grow. Thanks for listening and coming alongside us!

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog! The topics and posts are all ones that I chose to share with you, my reader. Please let me know what you think! Some of the links in my posts, ads and banners on my page are affiliate links that may benefit my family should you purchase the products through the link. Those little earnings help our family and keep this blog going too! Thank you in advance!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

FREE! Naked Juice - With Overage + 2 more FREEbies

I have been stocking up my supply of Naked Juice! Fruits, veggies, convenient yummy-ness that is usually reserved for a special treat. Well guess what? There is a way to actually get PAID to purchase Naked Juice --don't walk RUN to your nearest Walmart -- and pick up a couple more freebies while you're out! Let me explain how!

I wrote awhile back about a couple of apps that I've used to help me save money HERE! The deals that I am sharing with you today uses two of those great apps!
Here's the simple summary!
Starting price of one 15.2 oz Naked Juice at my Walmart $2.98
  • Receive a $1 rebate from Ibotta (use my referral link for an extra $2!)
  • Receive a $1 rebate from Shopmium (use my code  MUKYKERJ to sign up and get a FREE Lindt Chocolate bar )
  • Print a $1 coupon from Naked Juice website (you can print 1 per day!)
= FREE!!! PLUS OVERAGE OF $.02! (here in FL we don't pay for food tax, but out of state, you would pay only for the cost of tax!)

While you're at Walmart don't forget to pick up your free Lindt chocolate bar and Greek Yogurt!
Lindt Excellence or Classic Recipe 3.5 oz
Receive full rebate from Shopmium after purchase (must use my code  MUKYKERJ to sign up and get your FREE Lindt Chocolate bar)
Yoplait Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz is $1 at Walmart [excludes Greek 100 variety]
Receive $1 rebate on 1 from Ibotta (use my referral link for an extra $2!)

...And if you want EVEN MORE SAVINGS...stick with me as I explain  more details that could let you get PAID for purchasing these products! (I'm not even kidding!)
  • Sign up for Free at using my link HERE
  • Sign up for Free at Cardpool using my link HERE
  • Log into your new account, search for Cardpool and click through to the Cardpool site and log in
  • Purchase a gift card for the amount you desire (you can use it for GAS too!
    Use that gift card for your Naked Juice purchase! 
  • Scan your receipt into the Receipt Hog app - which also adds up "coins" for cash back on grocery receipts  
Here is the breakdown of savings -- TopCashBack will reimburse 2% of your Cardpool purchase, and Cardpool's Walmart gift cards are discounted by 3%! Receipt Hog gives you several coins per receipt  (depending on amount spent) which will cash out for $5 PayPal when you reach 1000 coins.

Learn more about discount gift cards HERE

Final Tips
  • Be sure to double check your items in both apps to ensure that they match the offer even before you check out (using the barcode scanner IN the apps)
  • Screenshot your coupons from the print preview and paste and shrink them onto a Google Doc to fit more on a page before printing. 
  • The Naked Juice coupon can be downloaded once per day, per computer. 
  • Don't forget to return to the TopCashBack site half-way through the month or so for your processed return!
  • Sign up for Venmo (similar to PayPal) through the Ibotta app when you cash out, you can get $5 extra! 
  • Don't forget that your spouse or teen can also download these apps, which adds even more savings!
  • Refer your friends to these sites/apps for more credit! (notice my referral links when you hover over the sites/apps, thank you for supporting our family!)
I know it may sound complicated, but it can really become quite simple, and patterned! I am here to answer any questions that you have about the apps or the websites -- there are lots of freebies and ways to save using these tools! 
Comment below if you have any trouble, and I will answer your questions the best way I can!

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