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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Few Favorites!

Alrighty friends -- I thought we could get a little more acquainted!
Here we go -- a few of my favorite things [not people or places ...just things] the order that I randomly thought through them :)

1|| Raspberries! 
Oh goodness -- they're a wonderful creation! Frozen raspberries, fresh raspberries -- both distinct and lover-ly!
Best memories include: 
  • cooling down on hot days with frozen raspberries and college friends
  • going raspberry picking with my mom while my dad and hopeful boyfriend, Josh *wink* had "THE talk!"
  • being handed fresh raspberries while my eyes were closed, as my soon-to-be-finance got one one knee!
  • Raspberries in my wedding reception and my take home package! Thanks family :)
2|| Ultimate

Seriously -- such an amazing sport, great camaraderie and a great way to run off the stress of life and just go for that disc :) 
Wanna know how the game is played? Check it out HERE!

3 || Moss
Beautiful, soft, simple, peaceful. I heart moss!
4 || Hiking
Being out in nature, exploring, pushing my physical limits, and being out of breath for breath-taking views -- hiking is SO wonderful, and is definitely one of my favorite things! I loved the summers that I was a hike guide at Horn Creek!
5 || Singing
Wherever, whenever -- for the glory of God :)
And there you have it!
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  1. I love moss and hiking. I actually love taking pictures when I'm hiking of all the moss growing in the woods and on trees. Great list! Stopping by from the Friday link up :)

    1. :) Aren't they just the best?! :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Stopping by from the link up! I heart singing too--- and raspberries :-)

    1. Such wonderful things ;) thanks for saying hi!!

  3. Found you from the Oak & Oats link up - and I'm with you, I LOVE raspberries!

    1. I Am really thinking it would be fun to grow a little raspberry patch one day!! Dream come true!

  4. I love that you play ultimate! My husband is on a team and loves it!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes!! I once Googled "side effects of eating too many raspberries" because I was eating so many!! Wanted to make sure there wasn't any crazy vitamin imbalance or something! Nope -- good to go!!

  6. I totally agree with you on the raspberries! Also, I had to laugh at moss, it seems like a funny thing to put on a favorite things list, it tells me you must be a pretty awesome person. :)

    1. Hahahaaa ;) I'm so flattered! Moss is one of those things I've loved since childhood! ... It just HAD to make the list! I'm glad you have the love of raspberries too! ;)

  7. You're from Northwest Arkansas? Where? I grew up twenty minutes from the Arkansas border in South central MO. :) Love your blog!


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