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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

growing up --

shannon motherwell photography
Monday morning, I woke up on my own--from the night. Without an alarm or little 2 year old calling for me. I took a long breath and reached for my phone -- 7:20 am. No wonder I feel so rested! oh dear. Marshall usually wakes up at 5:30 am ... I close my eyes for a quick prayer, hoping he was okay ... and climb out of bed to check on my son. 

I open my bedroom door, and peer out to the living room -- oh my! there he is. just sitting on the couch. stark naked. "Hi, Momma!" hahaa what a goof :) I called Josh out of bed to share in the hilarity! what happened in his room?

Wet diaper on the floor along with a whirlwind of toys, clothes, shoes and books -- he had quite the heyday! and now-- time to re-shelf and reorganize his entire room! Everything just became accessible. 

Josh and I worked that allen wrench and took off the front of the crib .. it was toddler bed time! --and boy, was Marshall pumped! He ran to the bed and dove head first with a little roll flip ... again and again! 

It's a new age with a new stage to go along with it! Now there's a ton of new things to figure out, since Marshall can access nearly everything in his room.
We now:

1. know exactly when he's not sleeping, because he walks across the room and flips on the lamp --which gives a nice glow around his door :)

2. can leave his training potty in his room as an option if he wants to take off his diaper and go potty (which he already did this week!)

3. have to figure out where to put his books, so they don't end up off of his bookshelf and on the floor after every nap! 

4. need to figure out how to keep him from climbing onto his dresser

5. have to remember to put most toys away in his toy chest before bed and LOCK it closed

6. can lay beside him in bed to read him a bedtime story, sing a song, and say prayers (my favorite part of the toddler bed!)

Do you any of you friends out there have any toddler bed tips or tricks? I'd love your input into this new world!


  1. Ok, this is hilarious! I know you told me of this briefly over the phone, but come on- this guy! Love him--i'm going to have to share this and get some tips and tricks gathered for the both of us!!! What a big boy now though, so proud of Marshall!

    1. Isn't he hilarious! oh goodness :) at least for now he can't reach the door knob :) we used to keep the door cracked, but now -- that would mean roaming the house! oh boy!


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