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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Family Coffee Shop Dates

One of the loveliest things is going for a rainy fall drive to a family coffee shop date. This is one of our favorite Monday activities, since it is my husband's day off, and most everyone else is not out and about! Around our home we have zillions of Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts..."Hangout" coffee shops are quite hard to come by --which makes me a little bit sad when I think the casual local places that are found all over Northwest Arkansas --including:
Dear South Florida...where have all of the cool places gone? Well -- we found one thanks to recommendations from our lovely Coastal Community Church family -- 

Brew Urban Cafe

Here are some pictures from our last family date! Today we're checking "Enjoy a 'Fall' beverage" from our bucket list! The boys started off with ordering a gluten-free cupcake, mocha, and chai!

Enjoying some fall drinks and treats as a family

...then we headed outside for some silly photos and fun!

Where are your favorite places for a tasty fall drink or family date?
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  1. That coffee shop looks amazing! That wall of books... gorgeous. I just love the look of a wall of books (as weird as that might sound! Haha). Love your silly selfies too :)

  2. I know!!! Such a treasure of a place :) --the wall made me reminiscent of the library Beast made for Belle! We had a good goofy time! Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth!

  3. So cute! I love the idea of a "family date" and your pictures were so fun!

  4. SO ADORABLE! Looks like a neat place and what a fun family date! :) Marshall's shoes, I mean, come on- swanky cute!!! We'll have to rendezvous sometime when we see each other again for a little coffee shop double or something!? Thanks for introducing onyx to us- Chad goes there every Wednesday morning- mmm!!! Miss you guys!

  5. :) Thanks so much! It's always a WIN when you can get smiles like that!

  6. It was SUPER cool! I love our double dates <3 Did you say there was GF at HammonTrees? Man -- we have some Onyx coffee we brought here -- and we've hooked a few Floridians :) lol Enjoy all your vibey NWA choices, Nat!

  7. I love those little casual places that let you just relax and enjoy each other.

  8. Oh YES! It is just the best :) Time just goes slower -- plus my biggest love language is quality time -- perfect!

  9. I love the idea of a family date! So fun! Thanks for joining the This Months Favorite Post link up!

  10. LOVE this post - it is so cute! Your family is adorable and I definitely voted another boy for baby #2. Coffee shops dates are my favorite, they have such a relaxed environment.


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