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Friday, October 31, 2014

Holiday Thoughts on Celebrating + A Giveaway

Halloween is such a strange "holiday". I've never been a fan of the scary and creepy, mostly because it makes me uncomfortable and reminded of darkness and hopelessness. I guess you could say, it's sort of a spiritual thing. As a kid, I remember enjoying dressing up and having class parties with pumpkins and scarecrows -- but I disliked the witches and blood that I always saw. Each year we had to bring our sweet little black cat, Luv,  in from outside because we knew that she might get harmed, especially on Halloween night! When we were out for Halloween night, we would often return home to see that the pumpkins on our porch had been smashed despite our bowl of candy left out. That always gave me a bit of apprehension for what could happen during the night.

So how will I handle Halloween as a parent? For now, having only a 2 year old and another on the way, we don't even go trick-or-treating because -- well... candy...and bedtime. I actually have never gone in my life. I had fun handing out candy at my parents house, but some of the kids were dressed so gross, honestly! Tonight we'll dress up our little guy in a cute little costume [probably Tarzan!] and take some pictures, have some friends over -- it will be a great night :)
When we go on walks -- Marshall thinks calls the ghosts that we see in front of people's houses, SNOWMEN! ...and I don't correct him! :)

The holidays I'm looking forward more are THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS!!!! I can't wait :) For Thanksgiving, we actually will be able to be with extended family and a lovely gluten free spread! And for Christmas, we will be pioneering new traditions for our little family. Our church will have a Christmas Eve service and then the adults will carol in bars afterward to meet people who are often lonely and far from Jesus (I mean who do you think is in bars on Christmas Eve?)

Speaking of Christmas, have you noticed that Christmas decorations are already flooding the stores? Go ahead, push out Halloween -- fine by me! Well, I guess it is time to start preparing! King of Christmas sent me an email this week about sharing their giveaway this month --and it is seriously one to celebrate -- so I wanted you guys to know about it!
This great giveaway is super simple to enter and the prizes are (1) their Cypress Spruce Christmas Tree with LED Lights and (2) a $100 gift card to their website! If you need a Christmas tree or ornaments, you should really check them out! They have free shipping, Unlit artificial Christmas trees and 7 foot artificial Christmas trees!

There are so many things to celebrate -- and I don't think Halloween sends quite the right message. Speaking of which, tomorrow is November 1st, All Saint's Day -- and my mom's birthday! :) ahhh much better!
Comment below, because I'd love to know: How does your family celebrate Halloween? What are you looking forward to in holidays coming up?
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  1. I have the same thoughts towards trick or treating. I think it's weird, unsafe, and unhealthy because of all the candy. Dressing up and making Halloween crafts is how we celebrated at my house!

  2. I'm not a fan of Halloween either, it's my least favorite of all the holidays. We took little man trick or treating mainly because my husband wanted free candy haha! I saw some creepy stuff and then some teenagers who weren't even dressed up smoking on the back of tailgates and seeing men dress up as serial killers from movies... hm no. just no!

  3. When others are decorating for Halloween, I decorate for Fall...pumpkins, cute scarecrows and colorful mums...Years ago when our girls were younger we did let them dress up and we would always walk with them for trick or treating. Now it seems like people are taking it to the gory's really sad. Christmas is my absolute most favorite holiday...I love to decorate, bake and celebrate the real reason...Christ's birth.

  4. We don't really celebrate Halloween. We don't even give out candy. We usually just watch movies and eat popcorn. I am looking forward to decorating the house and spending time with family for the holidays coming up.

  5. Yep -- right there with ya! Sounds like my kind of celebration! :) Thanks for commenting and sharing, Tina!

  6. hahaa --- I was thinking that could be a motivator right there -- Reese's. Peanut. Butter. ... yep. :) Bleck about the teens and creeps -- glad you guys were able to have fun! I need to post some pics of my little dude! You guys looked SO cute!!

  7. I love that, Peggy! I love the fall beauty and lovely smells and temperatures! I hope that when I have a home I can decorate for a welcoming home for trick-or-treaters rather than a scary one! Ah Christmas *sigh* so wonderful :) Jesus is the best!

  8. Me too, Amy! We didn't have ANY trick-or-treat kids come to our door on Halloween because we live in a condo -- instead we just had some friends over for cards :) Celebrations are such a good thing to break out of the everyday!


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