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Monday, October 6, 2014

MEV Bible Review

What an amazing day it is today -- I have a beautiful copy of God's word -- the Holy Bible [Modern English Version] to Give Away! This new version is in essence a modern-language King James Bible --it is translated from the Textus Receptus and the Jacob ben Hayyim edition of the Masoretic Text. The King James Version is used as the base manuscript.
I received a copy of the MEV Bible to review, and I have been really put at ease with the beauty of God's word written in an accurate and fresh way. It is a literal translation, so there isn't the interpretation than what you would receive if it was a transliteration of the text (basically when people put the Bible into their own words to make it simpler to understand). I was seriously considering purchasing a new Bible, for a variety of reasons, and was excited to do this review and try the MEV version!
Here's what I have to say::

I absolutely LOVE that the translation capitalizes the pronoun when referring to God.
I've always appreciated Christian authors who capitalize "He" or "Him" when referring to God in their writing -- and I am so encouraged to see it in a Bible translation. It also helps the reader stay on track to who we're speaking about -- this gives awe and reverence when referring to the Lord Jesus!
The readability is intelligent, but not archaic. 
There are a few translations that, for simplicity's sake, can make the reader feel as though they are being "spoon fed" the Word. While this may be the perfect decision for certain situations, it is important to have access to a literal and accurate translation.  What I like about the Modern English Version is that it uses modern language, but it is not overly simplified. Advanced words may be used, but they are modern words - not words that have ceased to be used in the English language. This seems to be giving credit to the reader for being intelligent and actually having a vocabulary. 

The well-chosen vocabulary can be a great teaching point for children.
For generations of Christian families, the Bible has been the main source of lessons in history, English, poetry, etc. Does anyone else remember the side column of AWANA books (a children's scripture memorization program) having definitions of the more challenging words like "transgression" or "firmament"? You will still see such words in the MEV translation, because they are a clear and accurate rendition of the text. The difference you will clearly notice from the KJV is that you won't have to explain your way around "thee" and "thou" or confusing 17th century idiomatic expressions that no longer relate to the reader and are not from the original texts. 
This is a well cadenced version to read aloud
There is a rhythm to the text that reminds me of being read the Bible as a child, and is well suited for memorization. Those who are accustomed to the King James Version will notice this especially. If you're curious about some version comparison -- has set up a version comparison page on a few passages. If your congregation has a "scripture reading" portion, this version may be a great choice!

Honest, informative, and accessible for engagement
One of the great benefits of the MEV being translated in recent years (2005-2013) is that you have access to ask questions and learn from those that actually participated in the translation project. If you have questions or concerns, you have a direct ability to seek answers on the Contact Us section of their website.
Want to learn more?
I would highly recommend watching this video about the MEV Bible. I found it both enlightening and encouraging to hear from scholars and advocates of this translation.
Coming soon: MEV version will be on Bible Gateway and YouVersion!
Don't forget to enter the Giveaway and dive into God's word! {Giveaway Closed}
**I received two copies of the MEV Bible, one to review and keep and the other to giveaway in exchange for my honest opinions and thoughts!**
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  1. i would love to win & have an extra Bible to give to someone that is new to the faith!

  2. I hope you win too! May the odds be ever in your favor ;) thanks for stopping by and already thinking about how you can help others by giving a Bible as well!

  3. I would love to win because I have been wanting a new Bible. (: This is such a great giveaway. Thank you so much for hosting. I have entered. My email is
    Have a blessed day.

  4. My mom's best friend just became the "House Mom" of a battered women's shelter, and I'd love to donate this bible for their bookshelf for the women to use! :)

  5. I'm so glad you entered, Ashley! I can't wait to find out who wins and I can mail someone a new Bible --what could be better? Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. That would be awesome, Mandy! Thanks for entering and thinking of sharing God's word with others!

  7. love this give away! There is a man in the market that has been begging me for a English Bible. I would totally love to bless him with it. P.S. If I win, I will have it shipped to my mom in the US to get it to me. Thanks!

  8. My bible is pretty worn from reading it for years. I could sure use a new one and that's why I would love to win.

  9. Oh Catherine! How wonderful! Thank you so much for your generous heart -- I'm so glad you entered :)

  10. That's a great reason, Kimberly! Thank you for entering :)

  11. I've been waiting for this version to come out for a while now, and I am very pleased that it has met everyone's expectations. I was able to read some of it online and have to say that it retains the cadence of the KJV without the archaisms.

  12. How wonderful, Sam! I am so glad you were able to enter the Giveaway! I agree :)

  13. I'm very excited to fully check out this translation. After having our church switch over to the ESV over from the NIV, I've found the ESV, despite being more literal, to have many undesirable issues that seem to get glossed over. This translation from what I've seen thus far appears to be the best formal equivalence translation out there. It keeps it literal, yet makes sure the grammar and vocabulary usage is modern and relevant. My only hope is that it doesn't suffer from inferior manuscripts used in the KJV.

  14. I hope that you will be more than satisfied with this translation! I love that it no longer refers to the Holy Spirit as the "Holy Ghost" which was a poor translation and could easily be misunderstood, I believe, in the KJV. It is so nice to have the modern resources and research. Footnotes can be found when there is a change or an interpretation that remained, but may need to represent that there may be a varying interpretation. I hope that the MEV will help you have the ability to read the scriptures with reverence and confidence! Thanks for your comments!

  15. Very interesting! Would be curious to explore the differences from the esv I currently read :)

  16. Wonderful!!! I love this giveaway! I'm really loving reading God's word in a new light with other versions to get a more full circle perspective and read with more emotion! I really feel this bible translation would help tons in that way! Also love the thought of using it as a tool for teaching our children! (Beautiful photos)

  17. I'm not familiar with this translation but always love looking at different versions! I may or may not have spent an hour flipping through various bible translations at our local Christian bookstore on multiple occasions ;) Excited for the chance to check it out! :)

  18. My husband and I recently started a hermeneutics course that encourages us to study passages using a highly literal, word by word, formally equivalent of the Hebrew text translations from several different versions. We are committed to using the MEV as one of our resources! Hearing God's voice through studying His Word is so crucial in today's culture. Thanks Andrea for introducing us to the MEV.

  19. I love comparing the passages -- I have an ESV too -- I think you'd appreciate the MEV, Chad! :) thanks for entering!

  20. Thanks Natalie! I had a fun time taking those pictures -- and I really appreciate the MEV version -- I think it would remind you of AWANA days :D a lot of the verses are similar if not exactly the way we memorized them! Thanks for entering!

  21. I love trying out new translations and getting to know the scriptures in a new light. For our Old Testament class in college we read from the Message version, which was pretty cool because it helped us read the Bible as one-big-true-story! I really appreciate the MEV, thanks for entering the giveaway! I hope you can check out the version :)

  22. I think this translation would be very well suited for that class! I am curious to hear Pastor John's take on the MEV as well :) I'm so glad you entered! I'm looking forward to seeing who wins -- I wish I could send a Bible to everyone!

  23. That's so great that you were able to read the message and get a better understanding of the whole story. I think the message is especially useful for parts of the Old Testament that don't seem to make as much sense in our modern world. Thanks for hosting the giveaway :-)

  24. Great giveaway!

  25. This is the best review of the MEV that I have seen thus far. I love the MEV. I started a challenge the read through the MEV in 90 days a few weeks ago. It has been great and the response has been fantastic. I didn't come here to promote myself but if anyone is interested in joining the challenge please feel free to ask me.

    Thank you so much for your honest assessment.

  26. WOW! Thank you, Shawn--that means so much to me, I really have enjoyed reading and writing about the MEV. What a cool challenge -- thanks for sharing!


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