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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Honest Review: The Honest Company 4-in-1 Laundry Packs

Hi there friends -- I'm so thrilled to review my first product from the Honest Company -- their 4-in-1 laundry packs!
Photo courtesy of The Honest Company
First impressions: 
  • darling floral packaging design - clean and fresh!
  • simple and easy packs for quick laundry, with no miss measuring or spills
  • 50 loads of laundry in one bag -- yay :) 1 pack = 1 load
  • great label listing ALL ingredients and how-to use
What did I think?
  • I watched the pod dissolve under the cold water stream right away, which I was really glad to see since I primarily have used liquid detergent (I've emptied my Honest Liquid Laundry Detergent) so I'm not super used to using pre-made little packs.
  • Clothes and towels were clean. There aren't perfumes or scents added, so my clothes smelled like ... well ... nothing, but I knew they were clean because goodness knows they smelled like something before! I have no complaints :)
  • Cloth diapers came out smelling like nothing as well and appear to be clean. I can't speak for poo stains, since my son's diapers are only pee from naps/bedtime (since we are potty training) -- but we have a little more time between washes now that he's not using as many diapers, and the urine smells were completely gone using the honest 4-in-1 packs (and impressive feat). I do a pre-rinse cycle first, and then started the actually wash load and ad the pack.
  • I had confidence that the honest 4-in-1's wouldn't give us any weird rashes or skin irritation, I was at ease to use them on baby clothes!
All about the details:
  • Mineral-based ingredients that (1) clean, (2) fight stains, (3) brighten and (4) soften
  • VERSATILE -can be used in both HE and standard washers, hot and cold, all colors and fabrics
  • Hypoallergenic + Biodegradable + Non-Toxic + Septic Safe + No Animal Testing or by-products
  • FREE of SLS, fragrances, dyes, glycols, phosphates, 1,4-dioxane, chlorine, DEA, formaldehyde, caustics, & optical brighteners
  • AWARDS:       
Final thoughts: 
  • I would recommend exchanging your laundry detergent for something "free and clear", especially if you have ANY skin issues or sensitivities -- and would recommend honest 4-in-1 laundry packs without reservations.
  • VALUE - In comparison, you don't get as many loads as theHonest Laundry Detergent (70 loads vs 50), but they are quick and convenient, and you don't have to risk spills, messes or mis-measuring. So it really depends on your preferences :)
  • If you like fruity or flowery smelling detergent, or are at least used to it, this would be a change. If you want your clothes having a "yummy" smell, I would suggest adding an essential oil to the washer (or dryer) load -- my recommendation would be Young Living Lavender!
I hope this review has been helpful for you and your family! Have you tried any of the Honest products? Do you prefer powder, pods, or liquid detergent?

Interested in this natural and upright Honest company? You can Bundle & Save! by ordering online! 

Try out 1 or 2 or all 3 of their FREE trial offers -- just pay for shipping! The best way to go would be to get all 3, and only pay $5.95 for shipping the trials. 

FYI: If you only choose to only get 1 trial, it would still be $5.95 shipping. 

Special honest note: After you purchase the trials, you have 7 days (post purchase) to choose to enroll or cancel your membership/subscriptions to the 3 different bundles. Once you log-in and decide which bundles to continue, you will only be charged in the future for whichever monthly bundles you chose (diapers/wipes $79.95, essentials $39.95, health & wellness $39.95) plus shipping. You could choose to cancel all bundles within 7 days and not be further enrolled/charged. 

* I was given this product to review for free -- but was told to give my completely unbiased opinion in a review! I am an ambassador for Honest products and thank you for using my links to give my family a bit of compensation at no additional charge to you!
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  1. We LOVE Honest products. These 4 in 1's are the only laundry detergent we use now! We have them in a cute little jar by the washer and just throw it in each time. GREAT REVIEW!

  2. Thanks Jennifer :) Aren't they just simple and easy! Cute jar = perfect touch! I can't wait to come visit you in your new home -- but first, see you in a WEEK!!!!


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