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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Never Would I Ever...Until I did - Mamas Tell All

Our prompt for this week's Mama's Tell All is sharing those "never" concepts that have actually become part of your life! For example, never did I think I would give my child a paci, let them watch TV, etc.

I tried not to say "NEVER" when going into the world of mommy-hood, because I didn't want to create barriers with other moms or eat my words for spouting off naive assumptions, but I know there are many things that I thought that I would never do -- or they simply weren't on my radar.

Never did I think I would:

  • be a young mom - I didn't really think that I would be fresh out of college, married and then expecting a baby all within a year! I actually thought I would get married a bit later and wait to have kids, but it's GAME ON now, instead :)
  • have a home birth - Based on my personality, preferences, and points of reference - I always pictured a drug-free hospital birth to be the way I brought children into the world. However, when we became pregnant before the maternity coverage on our insurance kicked in, we had to look for another plan! Despite a few discouraging opinions shared with me prior to my son's birth, my husband and I felt confident that a home birth was the right choice for our family! So far, we are planning a home water birth for baby #2 if all is healthy and low risk! Who knew?
  • breastfeed for longer than a year - I thought I would be the typical breastfeed-for-about-a-year type of mom. I had read over and over "at least a year" was the goal, so I aimed for that and felt that extended breastfeeding didn't really fit our culture. Around 1 year, I weaned my son and didn't nurse for about a week. It was frustrating, didn't feel right, I was still producing, and my son was still asking -- plus my hormones were messing with me. I returned to breastfeeding and a couple months later, tried again to wean...same story! I spoke to a wise midwife friend (and mama of 4) about my troubles, and she asked me the simple question, "Why do you feel like you need to wean?" ...reflecting, the only reason was that it was a "society norm". It was an AHA! moment for me, and I began a don't ask/don't refuse breastfeeding pattern. Sometimes I would nurse a few times a day, sometimes once, sometimes none, sometimes more. It became a resource, a tool in my tool-box. Now that I am pregnant, I've nursed less and less -- down to once a day for awhile, and now, I think we may be done -- a few months after his 2nd birthday --and I think we're both okay with that :)
  • use a screen when I needed a break - My son has his favorite cartoons and knows his way around my phone and camera. I thought that I wouldn't tap into that realm for awhile longer, but it has given me respite when needed. It's a new age -- I will approach cautiously, but not in fear!
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Mamas Tell All


  1. I admire your home/water birth plans. I totally went into labor hoping to use minimal drugs. My son was 2 weeks overdue, I had to be induced, and he took 31 hours of labor to get here. 5 hours were spent pushing. After 3 years of infertility I seriously thought I'd have it easy! My pregnancy was pure bliss, but he made up for it in the labor! He's been a joy ever since!

  2. That's so amazing that you do home births! I find that so inspiring. Thanks for linking up to Mamas Tell All! :)

  3. I so wish I was brave for a home birth! "/

  4. I didn't think I'd be a young mom either, but I had my first 4 weeks ago at the tender age of 18. I wish I could have had a home birth, but here in Barbados that wasn't really an option on our budget, but I did have a natural birth with no epidural and I'm so glad that I did. I feel like I'm one of those I'll nurse for about a year moms as well, but it's up to my daughter when she wants to stop really. Maya's not at an age where she can watch TV realllyy yet but I don't see anything wrong with a little bit of TV when you need a break. Being a mom - especially if you stay at home is one of the hardest jobs ever! Here from the #BLTribeDare but I totally love your blog and feel like we could be close friends. Congrats on your second one on the way.

  5. Thanks, Whitney! I had a friend who was 2 weeks overdue -- what a frustrating time! I am trying not to think of the due date this time... or that the 2nd baby's birth will somehow be faster/easier. Whew. That's awesome that you had a great pregnancy, though, what time of year was it? Those joys are worth it, aren't they?! You're a tough gal!

  6. Thank you so much! I was so thankful that everything went well and it was a great experience!

  7. Congratulations, Jenny! 4 weeks old -- how amazing and precious!! I'm so glad that you had the natural birth of your choosing! It sounds like you're off to a wonderful job as a mommy :) I look forward to following along your journey :D Thanks for your encouragement and comments!!

  8. I know! I was hoping first babies just took longer, but I have a couple friends who were overdue with their firsts AND their seconds. Ahhh! He's a really great sleeper though, so there are benefits! He was born in March so I was really huge in the winter which worked out in my favor!

  9. True true :D I'm due in March this time (rather than AUGUST with Marshall) so I'm hoping that by the time I'm large and in charge, I won't have to be so uncomfortable in the heat!


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