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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Women of Faith - Reflections

Women of Faith this past weekend was my first conference EVER! It was such an amazing and rejuvenating time! I went with three other women from Coastal and loved sharing in the conference and debriefing together as we traveled. The area was packed with women from all sorts of backgrounds, brought together to worship and learn about Jesus Christ! During the opening time of musical worship, I closed my eyes several times to really take in the magnitude of the gathering of women -- and hear so many voices joining in to sing to the King!
I had never heard any of the speakers or musicians LIVE before, so I was in for quite an awakening! I mean, seriously, these people are ALIVE and extremely purposeful with their lives and mission. Natalie Grant, people -- she's a powerhouse!!! I had NO idea that she had such a killer voice until I heard her live. The radio and recordings really don't do her justice! God is using his people in mighty ways. These are people who have grown and overcome by the power of GOD -- they are not pansies. they are not cookie cutter. they are not perfect. their lives have NOT been easy.
I took notes on ever speaker throughout the weekend, and thought I would share with you a few of the nuggets of hope, truth, and inspiration! On the first night we heard from Lysa TerKeurst -- one of the ladies I was looking forward to hearing from the MOST!
{image from Lysa's website}
I was given a copy of Unglued by my friend Angie, and have been really appreciated her honesty and wisdom. I and am hoping to pick up a copy of The Best Yes very soon as well. Hearing her speak live last Friday night brought even more life and reality to her books, for me. She has 5 kids, people, and so much wisdom to share! She made me realize that I am really at the beginning of my life's journey of parenting, womanhood, and ministry.
The Best Yes&Unglued {amazon affliate links}

Lysa taught from 2 Samuel 20 starting in verse 16 where a city was under siege and one.wise.woman. called out, "Listen" for her wise plan to be heard. She was respected as wise, and approached the situation with humility, sound assurance, and the people listened to her advice. She had proven faithful, and they knew her advice was wise. How? She established patterns of wisdom. 

I pray you are blessed with these words!
Have you ever been to a conference before? What did you glean from the experience?

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  1. So glad you had a great time! I've been to Time Out for Women in the past, they have singers and great speakers too. I leave there feeling rejuvenated and like I can conquer the world!

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    Thanks for linking up with me!
    Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife

  3. YES! I really did -- I have been referencing what I've learned throughout each day since, really. I like having a reason to go back through my notes in order to post -- I have a few more pages to share, so I look forward to reflecting again! <3

  4. It sure was :D So great to learn and to have a little time away from the normal of life :) Thanks for hosting!

  5. I've never been to Women of Faith but my mom has and I can't wait to go sometime soon! natalie Grant is seriously a powerhouse- how fun you got to see her live!

  6. I really hope that you get the opportunity! I was so refreshed and motivated!! :)


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