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Saturday, November 15, 2014

CHECK-IN - My Monthly Goals LINK UP! - November - #friendswithgoals

Yep-- already half-way through November, friends :) Let's stay on track with those goals with some accountability. Here is my honest-to-goodness check-in!
For those that are also doing monthly goals I'm hosting a link-up! If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting, please email me at ifrog4fr {at}!

Bloggers:: Do you have a monthly goals post check-in that you would like to share? Add it to the link-up below! We have a goals link-up on the 1st/15th of each month! You have all week to compile and add your post.

ALSO: I have put together a 10 Monthly Goals editable Google Docs Spreadsheet now through the year 2020 - please email ifrog4fr {at} with the subject line: Goals Spreadsheet to request your own FREE copy!
So here is the progress:: 
1 || Make my bed every day
ON TRACK!! Yay -- super pumped about this!

2 || Put together some sort of Thanksgiving Gifts for our Neighbors
Not yet-- still in the brainstorming stage -- but this is the week we need to get them made!

3 || Read a Proverb from the Bible Daily
Keeping up with this one -- not necessarily in the morning, but daily, so I excited!

4 || Go on a walk/stroll at least 4x per week
Hitting the mark on this! We've had great weather -- looking more like 5x a week on the walks!

5 || Do some sort of button DIY 
Not quite yet -- still figuring out what I want to make exactly.

6 || Finish the book Cleaning House
FINISHED! Great book -- still thinking about it and processing its application for our family.

7 || Donate 2 trashbags full of items
We've been going through and filling the bags -- actually got $15 for some of the clothes at Plato's closet. The rest we still have to take in to donate.

8 || Organize Closets
On the to-do list

9 || Go on at least 2 dates with Josh
CHECK :D Love my man -- 2 evening dates already :)

10 || Drink at least 1 healthy smoothie (with greens) per week
Ok -- so I haven't made a smoothie yet, but I have been adding greens to soups, pastas and egg dishes and eating a lot of fruit. I'm just not sure why I'm not making smoothies -- I will have to make one today. goodness.
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How are you doing with your goals this month? Link-up or comment below with your progress!
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  1. Wow I love your goals! They're ao attainable yet really important! Looks like you're doing awesome with them! I only made some fall goals so I'll probably have a recap in another month and a half or so. The months go by way too fast for me to have monthly goals haha

  2. Thanks Sarah! I appreciate your encouragement :) Man -- the months really do go by fast, I can't wait to read your recap and see what you've been working on! I'm heading over to read your date-night challenge!

  3. OH thank you Jess :) I actually prefer the daily goals (like 1 &3) because it is so much easier to keep track! That playroom will make the winter go by so much better, I'll bet! Great job :D Thank YOU for sharing your check-in! <3

  4. Great goals!
    Making the bed seems like one of the easiest things to do in the morning, and yet it goes all day without getting done. Good luck on finishing out the rest of your goals this month.
    I'm off to make the bed. :)

  5. Oh Andrea, thank you! SO TRUE -- trying to form that habit and let it be super ingrained in my day ... like brushing my teeth! Thanks for your encouragement!


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