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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy 26 Weeks! || Thankful Pregnancy Update

I hope that you all have had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving! We were able to make a trip a few hours North and joined up with family to celebrate and enjoy time together. I'll spatter some photo memories in this update ... to keep you interested and let you know how things are progressing ;)
How far along? I'll be 26 Weeks in the mornin' :)
What's baby up to?

Our baby has sweet eyelashes now, and the Lord is crafting his or her eyes, which will soon start to open.

Total weight gain/loss? Right in stride with 1st pregnancy -- I've gained about 15 lbs so far

Maternity clothes? Wearing proudly :) Liking my "belly band" which helps give me the confidence I need to bend over to pick up my son without sharing skin with the world. 
Sleep? I'm a great sleeper. Yes. -- but my bladder is not. My husband = the best. He hangs with Marshall and allows me to catch a few more winks when possible, because he's wonderful. 

Best moment this week? Family time together -- time. ahhh. my greatest love language = quality time :) I've had the best few days! I'll give you some visual aids ... watching the sun rise over the ocean, finding pretty shells, reading books, cooking, eating, talking ... joy!

Symptoms? Ouch. my back :( I gained quick pounds this month which knocked me a bit out of whack. I've been doing some simple exercises and stretches along with PanAway essential oil -- which helps... but nerve pain is mean. I looked back on my midwife file from the first time around and was surprised to see that my back pain began at 15 weeks then. So I count myself #thankful. but pained none-the-less. #worthit

Food cravings? I like to eat. yep. Thanks, thanksgiving :)
the men of the kitchen
Food aversions? Acidic foods are starting to be noticed, sadly. 

Gender? Still waiting until our next ultrasound -- sorry for the torture, guys!

Labor signs? nope, I'm glad for that!
"Ready go to beach, Mama" ... catch phrase of Thanksgiving
Belly button in or out? Yep it's out ... remembering a kid thinking that my belly button was the baby's noes last time! Oh goodness... here we go again :)

What I miss? Feeling totally "me" and pain free. But hey, I'm still having a great life!

What I'm looking forward to? The sweet interactions yet to come between baby and Marsh :) Seeing my husband snuggle with a tiny one again ... and holding that little darling for the first time!

Bump Picture::

Comment Below, because I'd love to know:: What were some highlights of your Thanksgiving?
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  1. Love the bump picture and the updates! I hope the pain will subside! My favorite part of thanksgiving was definitely the food mmmm :)

  2. :) Oh thank you, Sarah! Thank you for your kind words, I hope so too! Food is such a lovely thing -- good food, great company, what could be better?!

  3. Agreed with sleep. I can totally be nice and fast asleep but no my bladder wakes me up and its a must go! I love food too! Sadly, my weight is just adding up and up. My back is hurting too! She is causing the pain pretty bad in the right side. I see a chiro every 2 weeks - thankfully! Take care!

  4. Ah, what a lovely way to do a bump update post! Your family is adorable - how are you finding your son handling the pregnancy? My little girl loves to kiss my belly and say 'hi baby' but she's also needing a lot more carrying around and holding than she did a couple months ago...not sure if it's related to baby coming but it's taking a toll on my back!

  5. Happy 26 weeks! I had my little man a month ago and sometimes find myself missing my baby bump! I also miss my belly band, isn't that thing amazing?! Stopping by from the Grateful Heart Link up!

  6. I can't wait for this fun time in my life! So much joy in your face! Congratulations and prayers for a healthy pregnancy the rest of the way and as much time of rest for you as possible! :)


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