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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LATELY - 23 weeks pregnant + Life UPDATE!

There's been a lot going on lately! Here are a few I'd like to share today::
Baby Update
This pregnancy is coming along quite well! We're at 23 weeks now! -- 2nd trimester is such a lovely time! I'm showing pretty obviously, now -- but don't feel giant quite yet :) I had my midwife appointment this week and everything checked out great! Sometimes I get a bit more tired and go to the restroom a thousand times a day, but I am enjoying this season! I'm starting to already get in the zone for labor and delivery. You've gotta psych up for it, people! I start my birthing class this week! We'll be finding out gender here pretty soon, being patient for our next ultrasound in a month or so.

Date Night
On Friday night, Josh and I had a fantastic date night! We had tasty Indian cuisine and enjoyed walking hand in hand together afterward -- stopping off for coffee and a fun dream-session at Home Depot! One on one chats about life and all that goes with it. I picked up a new book to read during the holidays as well! Love cup = filled.

High Tea 
On Saturday night I got all dressed up to attend a beautiful and delightfully delicious birthday celebration for a wonderful friend! We had High Tea -- all homemade goodies for each of the courses! -- they even made gluten-free versions so that I could enjoy :) It was such a special evening full of great conversations and lovely memories!
photos via Nancy O.
Little Marsh 
We had a super full Saturday as a family :) We went to a local Christian school's outdoor fall festival to listen and enjoy my friends' music set! Marshall had a blast playing some of the games and even going down the big blow-up slide with one of my friends! He got to the bottom and said, "I did it, Mama!" He was so proud, but once was enough for him :) Little man spent quite a lot of time playing in the rubber-duckie splash pond, and even got a "super duck" to take home. 

On Saturday night, I accidentally brought Marshall's clip-on pacifier with me in my purse! I got a text from Josh with the tragic news -- bedtime might be a little rough. Lately, Marshall has been just using the paci during naps and night-time. He went to sleep, thanks to Daddy's patience, as I enjoyed the tea party. The next day, I attempted nap time without the pacifier as well -- success! It is now Tuesday and he hasn't popped a pacifier in his mouth since Saturday afternoon :) I think it is time to be all done! Great news -- no more sleeping "crutch", cuter smiles and more conversations!
I just had to share this outfit on my Instagram from this Sunday -- this cool kid is "Pretty Fly for a Little Guy" :) He always has such a wonderful time at church, and was quite excited to rock out his outfit ... except for the fact that the sunglasses ended up broken into 3 pieces on the drive to church. Oh life. 

Rest and Family
Yesterday the entire family took a HUGE afternoon nap! It was so refreshing :) Marshall and I went for a stroll in a beautiful neighborhood while Josh taught a guitar lesson. As the sun set, we drove down to the beach and took a stroll. Of course, I had to jog down to the water and stand on the shore for awhile to let the waves hit my toes. We enjoyed a meal together as a family outside in the amazing fall weather.

Feeling Loved
God has really been blessing our family lately and given us such gracious and generous love from our church family and home family. I am very encouraged that we are where God wants us to be, and that we will be cared for and loved by Him and His people. I will probably be sharing more about this in months to come -- I'm so thankful!

a clip from our church's current series
Comment below, because I'd love to know:: What have you been enjoying in life lately?
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  1. High Tea, family time and date night- what fun!!!! I'm also happy to hear baby is growing beautifully! Can't wait to find out she's a girl ;) I'll be looking forward to more posts on how God is showing himself to your family more and more! Marshall is a total stud- watch out ladies! Xo

  2. What a fun weekend! I've been hearing about so many people and their fall festivals, but sadly we don't have them here. Super jealous! And what a stud in those sunglasses!

  3. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesNovember 12, 2014 at 12:14 AM

    First things first - new follower, so CONGRATULATIONS on Baby #2! Such an exciting time for your whole family!
    What a fun filled weekend you had! And, my goodness, your little man is absolutely adorable!

  4. So fun! I must say that Home Depot dream date sounds like a good one. I'm enjoying our first snow of the season and all the anticipation leading up to the holidays :-)

  5. Snow really gets you in the holiday mood, doesn't it :) I hope you are able to stay warm, and also to get out and have some fun in the snow! Gotta love those fun dates :D

  6. Thanks so much Desiree! It is great to have you over here :) I remember hoping when I was pregnant that my little one would be cute -- haha -- I'm so curious about what it will be like to be a mama of 2. Thank you for the encouragement and for stopping by :D

  7. I'm so glad the fall festival worked out so well -- and we even had friends to enjoy it with :) and oh goodness that little kid is already hugging and kissing the ladies :D Thanks for your comments, Elizabeth!

  8. :D oh 'twas so fun! :D haha -- I think dad is betting on a girl too! I'll be so surprised if it is a boy! oh goodness. I can't wait to catch up! *whistle whistle* that kid has got some cutes :) love ya!


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