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Monday, December 1, 2014

My Monthly Goals LINK UP! - December - #friendswithgoals

It is another lovely month -- and SUCH a celebration, at that! November was a beautiful month of encouragement and hope! Let me share with you my successes and *ahem* "postponed projects"!

For those that are also doing monthly goals I'm hosting a link-up below! If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting, please email me at ifrog4fr {at}!
Bloggers:: Do you have a monthly goals post that you would like to share? Add it to the link-up below! We will also do a goals check-up on the 15th of the month! You have all week to compile and add your post.
My December Goals!!!
[going for 5 goals this month because I don't want December to be insane!]
1 || Give intentional gifts to family for Christmas
I want to give meaningful gifts this year, and hope that I will not get too lazy to make this happen! My Frugal Gifts that Give Back series has really inspired me!

2 || Prepare a garden space
We now have a great amount of green space that we're moving into this month! I've been looking forward to planting a garden and have figured out where to put it! I'd like to do a little series about it here on the blog and be ready for planting by January!

3 || Pack and Move with low stress
My goal is for this to be our best move yet -- being patient, organized and gracious! ... and did I say, patient?

4 || Swim at least 2x per week 
With my back hurting and my baby bump growing, I think swimming should be a big help! I hope the weather will permit me to not have excuses!
5 || Finish reading The Best Yes
I have both the book and the audio for this text and am about 1/4 of the way through right now. I love the writing style and the honest stories. I believe that this book is super relevant to me and has a lot of nuggets to apply to my life -- an unhurried life is the goal! If you haven't purchased this book --
for more details on how purchasing this book will change more than just your life, watch this video:: The Best Yes - Thank You from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.
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Mitchael Journey

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    An InLinkz Link-up

And... in case you were curious::
1 || Make my bed every day I seriously did this -- for real! :)
2 || Put together some sort of Thanksgiving Gifts for our Neighbors mission accomplished!
3 || Read a Proverb from the Bible Daily This was a success as well -- wisdom in my life! Missed and made up for a day here and there, but overall good!
4 || Go on a walk/stroll at least 4x per week YAY! I did this -- more like 5x a week on most occasions -- :) thank you God for lovely weather!
5 || Do some sort of button DIY -- Not yet. nope -- pushed to the back burner as we're packing for our move to the next town over!
6 || Finish the book Cleaning House Really enjoyed listening to the remainder of this book -- I'd had a copy for about a year, so I was so glad to finish! -- I totally recommend it!
7 || Donate 2 trashbags full of items YES! Josh and I came up with a good bunch to donate!
8 || Organize Closets Ok -- so this instead changed to ... begin packing ... so I'm going to cross this one off so I can feel accomplished! hehe
9 || Go on at least 2 dates with JoshOh yes :) This was so wonderful! dating my husband is THE BEST!
10 || Drink at least 1 healthy smoothie (with greens) per week I totally didn't do this...I'm not sure why, but I did eat raw fruits and veggies -- just didn't pulverize them
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  1. I am just a tad bit jealous that you can be planning for gardening now and to plant in January. Our ground is rock solid and can't even be thought about till March at the earliest haha :) What do you plan on planting?

  2. Excited to hear about your garden! I keep saying I'm going to plant this winter- I need to just do it!

  3. I am SUPER excited!! I can't wait until there are yummy veggies coming out of there. But for now:: mission smother-the-grass :) I'd love to see your garden if you do choose to plant!

  4. :D You'll be good and ready by then, that's for sure! I'm planning on salad greens, tomatoes, banana peppers, and garlic for starters :) Have you done a garden in years past?

  5. Great job on your goals for last month!

  6. THANKS :D I'm so glad to have you here again!!

  7. Sounds delicious! No I haven't, we are still renting and don't have a yard of our own but we hope to rent a community garden lot next spring. Fingers crossed :)

  8. That would be so cool! I hope you get to do that :D

  9. Great job on your goals. Thank you for signing up for My Motivational Monday linkup I hope you'll stop by again this Monday.

  10. Thanks so much, Karissa :) I like having the accountability of blogging to give account back to everyone! Thanks for hosting!


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