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Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Monthly Goals LINK UP! - November - #friendswithgoals

Months breeze by, especially during the fullness of the holiday seasons coming up -- with celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon. I decided I wanted to better prioritize my goals and tasks by actually compiling them here on the blog, so that they can be tangible and *hopefully* more attainable! I also think that you readers out there can help in the accountability department as well.
Alright people -- here are the goals for November! Don't let me get away without a report on them once December rolls around! For those that are also doing monthly goals I'm hosting a link-up! If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting, please email me at ifrog4fr {at}!

Bloggers:: Do you have a monthly goals post that you would like to share? Add it to the link-up below! We will also do a goals check-up on the 15th of the month! You have all week to compile and add your post.

ALSO: I have put together a 10 Monthly Goals editable Google Docs Spreadsheet now through the year 2020 - please email ifrog4fr {at} with the subject line: Goals Spreadsheet to request your own FREE copy!
1 || Make my bed every day
Elementary, I know -- but we said these goals were going to be attainable, right? I had been slacking on bed making because I was super exhausted during my first trimester -- but I've started back with regular bed making for several weeks now and it really sets the day on the right start, with an organizational task already crossed off my list!

Inspired by Patsy Clairmont: I learned at Women of Faith that Patsy used to pray to do big things for God -- she told him she would obey and follow what He had for her. He told her to get out of bed, and make it! obey in the little things

2 || Put together some sort of Thanksgiving Gifts for our Neighbors
There isn't a spirit of southern hospitality in South Florida -- but that doesn't mean we can't make a difference in the community in the name of Jesus!

3 || Read a Proverb from the Bible Daily
Hopefully right in the morning, starting the day of with wisdom!

4 || Go on a walk/stroll at least 4x per week
Getting outside and staying healthy during pregnancy is super important :)

5 || Do some sort of button DIY 
Maybe a Christmas decor project? I've recently sorted and organized some cool buttons and pinned a few projects on my DIY Pinterest board!

6 || Finish the book Cleaning House
I have a physical copy, but I've been loving listening to the audiobook during my walks! I've mentioned this book before -- I may have to write a little review once I'm done!

7 || Donate 2 trashbags full of items
Already have one that's almost full, I think we can find more to give!

8 || Organize Closets
This sort of connects with #7, and we really need to go through our things!

9 || Go on at least 2 dates with Josh
We didn't get out just the two of us during October ... which was really sad -- although we did get in some family dates! November will be different -- goal. set.

10 || Drink at least 1 healthy smoothie (with greens) per week
Another one in the health realm -- gotta stay strong!
Grab the link-up button:: 
Mitchael Journey
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Suggestions and Options:
add the hashtag #friendswithgoals on social media || Follow the Link-Up Pinterest board || contact ifrog4fr {at} to host/co-host

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  1. So excited for this!!! I already had my November goals scheduled for Monday so I am so excited to link them up on Monday! Thanks!!!

  2. Yes, love your goals and excited to link up each month!

  3. Great goals! Thanks for telling me about the link-up! :)
    I hope you can get out and have some fun dates this month before Holiday busyness sets in!

  4. Great goals! I need to make a big donation this month, too.

  5. So excited that I came across your blog and this link up! I've been looking for a new monthly goals link up for a few months now. I always feel so much better about the day when my bed is made, occasionally I'll have a super busy morning and forget about it and I'm always so disappointed when I go to get in bed for the night and it hasn't been made!

  6. Thanks so much, Amy :D I love reading your posts!! Dates are so wonderful :) gotta prioritize!!

  7. Thanks Marayanne :) Declutter and give -- what could be better?!

  8. Oh for sure! I am so excited to have you here, Donna!! Thank you so much for linking up :) I'm headed over to your blog to read your goals! It is such a nice feeling to get in bed when it is made! -- so true!

  9. This is a great idea! I totally need to work on making my bed daily and also I need to finish this book I'm reading finally!

  10. Great goals! I'm jealous you can still take walks - it's already in the 30s/snowy up here in Indiana! So take a walk for me! ;) Thanks for hosting!
    Have a great Monday!
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  11. Your goals are great! I think sometimes we try to push ourselves too much and set ourselves up for failure. I think your goals are not only attainable but will be more helpful then you even realize! Wonderful blog and a beautiful family :)

    Stephanie @The Delmonico Diaries

  12. Thanks Tina :) Sometimes it is the little things that can really help you keep moving forward!

  13. Katie -- I'm so glad you shared your Monthly Resolution :) I am so excited to have you here! I will defintely take some walks for ya! I think your blog concept is so cool -- sisters are THE BEST!
    Great to meet you!

  14. Thank you so much, Stephanie :D I hope that these 10 will be do-able! So far, so good :) Thank you for the sweet encouragement! <3

  15. I need to make a post like this! You've inspired me. New follower:)


  16. Great goals, and great linkup! Thanks for letting me know about it. :)

  17. You totally should, Tiffany! :) I can't wait!

  18. Of course :D You've been such a wonderful link-up host -- you've encouraged me a lot!

  19. Great goals! Making the bed for me makes all the difference! I need to get more greens in me- smoothie is a good idea!

  20. Thanks Keri :) Those little details of life make such a difference!

  21. Sisters are the best! And I thought the same thing as Katie - next week's forecast is calling for 30s and snow. Boo! So do some walks for us, ok? ;) You have some great goals! I'm so glad we found your blog. It's so much easier to do these goals together! Also, will there be a link up for the check in on the 15th? Too funny because that's what we've been doing on our blog too. Thanks again! -Jess (the sister :)

  22. Not a link up, but the check in...haha

  23. Oh goodness! Of course I will :) YES! I will be setting up a check in on the 15th I'm already excited to see how things are coming together for everyone! <3 much love Jess!

  24. Ah, thanks! :)
    And yes- dates totally make the world go-round!

  25. Hi! New follower! I went to the Top Mommy Approved Blogs to vote for you, but once I clicked the link it just took me to their home page, and there are obviously a gilliion and a half things on their site, so I couldn't find where to vote. I would love to vote for you.

    Love and Blessings


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