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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Check out our style || Ugly Christmas Sweaters

My charming man and all of our So Flo friends from Coastal got all prettied up for our volunteer Christmas Party last night! :) I have to say -- er'body looked SO good! Check out my husband's garb ... can't get more attractive than this, people!
We got to pose in the selfie booth together so that we wouldn't forget that we were so....gorgeous...well -- at least my friends are!
 Josh and Kyle -- worship pastors. ahem. cough cough. moving right along...
And now, what you've all been waiting for ...

Learn how to complete this amazing style from bows... toes
Here's how to complete this outfit so you can be just like me... :) #youwish

1 || put your hair on top yo head -- pin and band as needed #firstTry
2 || clip on yo sparkly purple hair bow (from a thrift store, baby) although I think it was new
3 || put Santa hat behind hair -- because you need it to look good
4 || add a fabric necklace as a headband -- because it adds color and sparkle to your forehead arena
5 || put on makeup to your heart's content. Lots of sparkle is required of life. I put eyeshadow on my cheeks, you guys. and shiny lip balm - ah!
6 || make button earrings -- uh, yeah!
7 || put on the tackiest Christmas-y sweater you can find -- and please, find it at a Thrift Store -- you will have the time of your life combing through the rack to find one like this baby ... cuh. lass. E.
8 || add another bow to your sweater for good measure
9 || wear pants (a plus in public)
10 || put on the craziest socks you own #tieDyeJBUltimate
11 || wear socks with sandals #floridaChristmas #thoseareJosh's #JesusSandals

...and smile, because girl, you look goooood! <3 p="">
To all the Coastal Volunteers that team together to celebrate Jesus and serve one another -- Thanks for Loving God, Loving People and SHOWING IT! :) ...for real. 

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  1. Seems everyone had a blast. Hey, I like that sweater, says the 53 year old Mama. ")

  2. :D We sure did! Hehe :) It's kinda cute, right?!

  3. :) Oh thank you! I'm so glad you got to stop by for some silliness!

  4. Hehe! They're popping up all over at this point :) Josh is in SO many...looking like a crazy person! haha

  5. Love it!!! Awesome pictures and so fun!

  6. I'm with mom here- I actually quite like that sweater!!!

  7. Ya'll should have won a prize or something, if they did that idk but you guys look FAHB! hahaha

  8. looks like y'all had a blast! your pics are so fun!

  9. We sure did, Taylor! Thank you for your comment! We love to have a good time :) Have you guys done any Christmas parties this year?


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