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Saturday, December 13, 2014

{Frugal} 21 MORE Gifts that Give Back: For Kids

I'm sure everyone's kids are counting down the days until Christmas (at least those old enough to count!) -- their lists may include gifts that you, too are excited about giving -- while others ... not so much. Some of you may be stumped as to what to give those special littles in your life.

Well, this post is a solution for you! Here are 21 Gift Ideas, that I've found across the internet, geared toward kids and babies. The best thing about them is that the gifts serve a greater good -- these companies source their items ethically, give back to others and some are even handmade by artisans who are in need. There is so much more behind each purchase :) Scroll through and be sure to check out the business "about" pages which I have linked at the very bottom of the post!

Have a wonderful Christmas season and New Year!

Give MORE For Kids:
The Bombas Kid Collection (buy one give one) from Bombas
Knit Teddy Bear (sold separately) from Global Goods Partners
Wiggle the Happy Hippo (buy one give one) from Everything Happy

The Booties (natural) from Krochet Kids
Red Canvas Tiny TOMS Classic (buy one give one) from TOMS

Lovishly                                         Global Goods Partners

One World Futbol Project                             Krochet Kids

Everything Happy                         Smile Squared
Bombas                                                  3 Cords
*This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you -- thank you for your support!
Comment below, because I'd love to know:: Which are your favorite kids gifts?
If you haven't seen my series -- now is a great chance to check it out::
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  1. YAH! I love how you have the price ranges on there for ease of viewing! Looooveee this! Yay for our little wooden doll making the cut, you are too sweet xo!

  2. YES!! It was so fun to compile the list :) Your dollies are so darling! Thanks for giving back :D

  3. What a great list! Thank you so much for sharing. We LOVE you for sharing your posts at the Mommy Moments Link Up and even more for sharing our Link Up button in your sidebar. You are awesome :) Can't wait to get to know you better! Hope you have a happy New Year!


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