Hi, I'm Andrea! Our little family of four lives in South Florida and leads worship. We are here to share the love of Christ and live life together. We're learning a lot here and enjoy looking for opportunities to grow. Thanks for listening and coming alongside us!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Today Was Different

I liked the way today went--we changed our routine and tried something new. I'd been convicted that things needed to change. I tried lots of new things today.

1st - Wake Up Together

Marshall has been typically waking up within minutes after Josh walks out of the front door or starts the car to head to class--while I am still in bed trying to get back to sleep from Josh's alarm and my groggy good-bye. Last night, Josh and I decided that we would wake up together. You might wonder why this isn't my routine already, but honestly, I've been so tired that I would try to squeeze every last moment of shut-eye before sliding out of bed, plus I love sleep. But, you know what, today was so much better. Josh patiently woke me to consciousness, Marshall actually woke up as well and we had a lovely 20 minutes together before the school/work day began.

Such. a. difference. I will WILL myself to do it again tomorrow! Made for a great start. 

2nd - A Heartfelt Send-Off

[rather than being half awake]

3rd - Music During Breakfast

While little man ate his breakfast I cranked a Pandora station. I still was dusting the clouds from my sleepy brain, and wow did music help! I even got the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded while tending to Marshall and my hunger. The music continued throughout the morning! 

4th - Room Time

Now that Marsh is nearing the 18 month mark and enjoys to play most of the day and nap once, I have realized that I need a bit more calm down time to myself. Marshall has always been good at independent play, but always toggles between playing with me and his toys. Today I got a quiet time in my room while Marshall played in his. I put the baby gate in his doorway so he didn't feel trapped - and I was surprised how well he did! No tears, no complaints at all! I peeked in a couple of times to see him trying on shoes and walking through his play-door, quite content. This may be a daily routine that can be in place of his morning nap, since he no longer seems to need sleep that early in the day.

5th - Card Table Laundry

Popped open the good ol' card table and cranked out some laundry today (Josh helped A LOT when he came home for lunch...just because he loves me!) I had been trying to use the couch or the coffee table, but Mosho liked to play in the stacks :) The card table helped keep things out of reach, and Marsh enjoyed playing underneath!

6th - Bake

7 layer bars-- yum! I hadn't baked in awhile, and it was a nice treat for my Joshua. Won't bake everyday or anything, but it did brighten up today. Marshall is getting so much better at feeding himself, even with a spoon, which I have learn to appreciate and utilize! 

7th - LISTEN to the Bible

If you haven't found this great resource and often find your eyes tired - give a listen by looking up a passage or reading plan and clicking on the speaker icon at the top!

This verse really stood out to me today in my reading listening, as if I had never seen it before--
Read that again-- Do you know how Jesus walked? Do you claim to live in Him? 
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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Here we come!!!
leading at Coastal in January

The Mitchael family is thrilled to announce that we will be moving in MARCH to South Florida! Josh will be the Worship Leader for this wonderful church body that is changing the lives of so many. Coastal is a 4 year old church plant that is a great fit for our family. 

We visited Coconut Creek earlier this month for our 5-day "interview" with the Coastal team. Josh and I are looking forward to the relationships, ministries, and even the challenges that will grow us.
  • We will appreciate your prayers as we move our home 1,300 miles away from our loving family and wonderful friends. God has made it clear that Coastal is where he wants us--and we know that he will comfort our hearts as we miss the people we love in NWA. 
  • Please pray for our packing, moving travels, and housing. Pastor TJ will be checking out some of our housing options on Monday!
  • Another prayer point is for our current positions and congregation. We are praying for a good transition and for those who will fill our current roles. We will miss our friends at CCF!

  • Coastal is launching their new campus TOMORROW at a local movie theater. Pray with us for this start, and the new people that will grow in Jesus because of this leap of faith.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NEW MUSIC - What a surprise!

So, I was driving in the car, pumping my tunes and these two songs were back to back-- seriously, have I been living in a cave? How did I not know these ladies and why had I not heard these songs until today?? Wow, so refreshing! Thanks to the sister duo Tal and Acacia and the moving Dara Maclean I had an inspired drive to church this morning! LOVE.THIS. Way to go KLRC! I mean, people, I texted the titles to my own email address before I got out of the car so that I wouldn't forget these artists! I'm now going crazy online finding more songs that these ladies have done. I can't help but share! What do you think? Are you as impressed and rejuvenated by this music as I am? I know what that iTunes gift card is going to now! Lots-o-listenin
Check out MORE:: Tal and Acacia PLAYLIST -- Dara Maclean PLAYLIST


Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Birth Story Part 2

To read the first part of our story CLICK HERE!
Time was irrelevant to me. I had no point of reference, only working in the present. Knowing it could be close to "time", Josh asked, "When will you want her to start pushing." To which the midwife replied, "She'll know when". I remember thinking, "I sure hope I do!" But I did, and it was a relief! Of course I became acquainted with the notorious ring-of-fire that I'd heard about, but when I knew it the little one was getting close and was crowning, I realized that I might be able to actually catch the baby! I knew I was a couple of pushes away, but I waited until it made sense to me to push. When I did, and the baby was ready to come out--I guided the head in my hands, the midwife calmly checked him in the water and we slowly raised the baby to the surface.

I was overwhelmed with emotion, bursting out in tears of relief and of elation I held the little one and remember kissing and kissing his little face. HIS little face! It's a boy! His ears were like gummy bears and his eyes were soaking it all in! WELCOME TO THE WORLD! Josh wrapped his arms around us and held us both, together - his family!

The room filled with life and amazement! Our midwives checked our baby in my arms and let us enjoy our first moments. At last, I was able to share my son with others, my husband, our families. He peeked out of the little towel he was wrapped in, he looked like a dream.
I was able to feed my child for the first time, so glad that I had been given direction and support. Nursing my baby brought on the final stage of labor, the dear ol' placenta, so Josh brought our little guy out into our living room to meet his grandfathers. I labored a bit longer on the tarp covered armchair, annoyed to have to birth something that was not my baby, but thankful that it had served it's roll. It took longer than I wanted, I remember that, but soon it was delivered and I was glad to be no longer laboring.

Our family of three had some time alone, we had yet to finalize the name of our little boy. We waited to meet him and see what name suited this little person's person. We repeated our candidate names and discussed which suited him best. We agreed and brought him to the family to announce his name, tribute to our fathers. Marshall Jay. Marshall, for my dad's childhood nickname, and Jay, Josh's dad's first name. They were so honored and proud.

When walking to the herb bath in the other room, I remember my arm and leg muscles being quite sore, I hadn't even realized it until then! I was basically able to relax in candlelit sauna bathhouse that smelled like an Italian kitchen! Marshall was brought in at one point, gently pushing off with his legs and enjoying the water. hit me...I WAS HUNGRY!!! My dad had prepared and brought over a platter of savory chicken and I chowed down! I ate and ate! My energy spiked and I was hyper as can be--not ready for bed, just wanting to stare at my baby! At this point the midwives weighed and measured Marshall and did whatever else they were supposed to do. Soon after, Josh and the little-Marshall-cocoon napped together on our bed.

Our midwives then gave us resources and said goodbye until their morning return. My mom fixed her bed on our big red couch while Josh and I prepared for the night. Every two hours, here we come! It was so exciting and memorable to care for the little guy that first night while our adrenaline and responsibility were peaked. Those quite moments of holding him, he looked so familiar, a joining of the man I love and the face I see in the mirror. I was surprised how much I instantly fell in love. I thought caring for my child would feel like an obligation, and sure, it can be hard sometimes, but it was so different than, say babysitting. Enjoying your time with children, but still looking forward to the parent's return. I was enamored and intrigued by each little feature. We determined that he had my hands, Josh's feet, Josh's mouth, my ears... but so precious and intricately formed.

In the days that followed, I was highly supported by my mom and my husband. They were (and are) the best! My mom brought me fresh made smoothies and made sure I stayed hydrated and fed. Josh was the master diaper changer. I realized it was several days in before I actually had to change a diaper! Our little apartment was quite the swinging door for awhile in addition to little check-ups with the midwife and doctor. I enjoyed everyone's company, but was pleased to also slip away to feed my child and have some quiet time alone. I knew my life had dramatically changed, so much adaptation and growth for my extroverted and people pleasing self was already in shape.

What I've learned by being a mother -- I am selfish. --and my selfishness just doesn't fly nowadays. Yeah, I want to have more sleep, freedom, no responsibilities... but you know what-- it is refining. I know I've changed, I didn't really want to change, but I think that's okay, even required. Life is all about growing, adapting, and changing. Life would be dull without difference. --and now that I have baby fever already creeping into my system again, I can only guess as to how a little number 2 will be a game changer. This is a good life.
Without the help of the LORD it is useless to build a home or to guard a city. It is useless to get up early and stay up late in order to earn a living. God takes care of his own, even while they sleep. Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD. Psalm 127: 1-3 CEV

To read Part 1 CLICK HERE!
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