Hi, I'm Andrea! Our little family of four lives in South Florida and leads worship. We are here to share the love of Christ and live life together. We're learning a lot here and enjoy looking for opportunities to grow. Thanks for listening and coming alongside us!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Like It's My Job - Saving Money on Gasoline

Sometimes the frustration in saving money for your goals is that you do have daily expenses. Kids gotta eat, right? ...and get places and wear something! So--I've taken my new roles as a wife and momma and tried to make my mark on saving money for our family, so we can spend or share things that mean something to us. 
Save money on GASOLINE
We all know there are cash-back credit cards for purchasing gas for your vehicles -- but what if your family doesn't feel comfortable having credit cards or may not qualify for the ones that give you the rewards you seek?
There is another way to save a few bucks each time you fill up! If that sounds good to you -- read on!
These are websites that sell discount gift cards! FREE SHIPPING!
Sites I've used: 
Cardpool checkout coupon: NewUser5 for $5 off new customers.
My referral link is here:

Sites I'd like to try: WHY--customer service and speed

Raisecheckout coupon: DEALNEWS60 for $5 off $60 or more for new customers.My referral link is here:

GiftCardZen: low prices and great customer service, but no referral program or coupons
GiftCardRescue: checkout coupon:: GCRFIVE1 to checkout for $5 off $100 AND free rush order for orders under $100::GCRRUSH1
My referral link is: here
Buy Discounted Gift Cards

The "Google" of gift cards: GiftCardGranny search prices side-by-side ...*pay attention to Ebay shipping costs

Some tricks up my sleeve:

1. Use Wishlist tools - Gas cards go FAST! I would suggest using the WISHLIST or notification features on each site and sign up for gas stations in your area. When the cards go live on the site, you get an immediate email and can log-on to purchase.

2. Buy Walmart Cards- If you have nearby Walmart gas stations, this is really a great way to go. Purchase one of their PHYSICAL gift cards
(rather than an eCard for for generally 3% off - and use it at the Gas Station at Walmart or Sam's (with a Sam's membership card). Walmart also runs promotions of 3-10 cents off per gallon if you use a gift card depending on the location. [Sometimes they do even more during the holidays! Call ahead--my nearest one is 3 cents off.]

3. Check-out Gas Buddy (also a free app) to find the cheapest gas station prices nearest to you (or route as you plan a trip!) It also has incentives to share gas prices and enter drawings for free gas!

4. Tell your friends! Cardpool and Raise each give you $5 for referring a new customer! That can really add up!
[if you'd like to join, please use my links by clicking the site names above!]

5. Go through TopCashBack! Click on my link here: for an additional 2% cash back when you go search and click the orange button to the Cardpool or Raise to make your giftcard purchase! The cash back will be on your account within 30-60 days (usually sooner). Let me know if you have questions!

NOTE:: Notice if the cards are physical or a paper print out. For gas stations, I would recommend a physical card. Check shipping times to know when to expect your card in the mail.

I hope this helps you save a few dollars! Gas is just the tip of the iceberg on these gift card sites--grocery, shopping etc. TONS of savings and cash for cards you don't want. 
How have you saved money on gas? Have you tried these card exchange companies before?

Check out the other articles in this series: 

Saving $ on your Cellphone 
Saving $ on your Grocery
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Like It's My Job - Saving Money on Cell-Phone

Since childhood, I've always been conscious of traditional savings and conservation in electricity, water, and home cooked meals :) 
But how can modern technology help us save on staples like grocery, phones, and gas -- without adding credit cards or taking over our lives with coupon clipping? 

CELL PHONE: Republic Wireless 
No contract, unlimited!

Our Story: We were sick of extra fees, contracts and high prices. We made the switch to Republic Wireless a few months ago and have really enjoyed the phones and the savings! Previously, we had an iPhone and a basic phone through Verizon and found it costly and limiting - (you know how big your bill is!) - Now we both have smartphones for $20/month plus tax putting us at less than $25 for BOTH of us!
Yes! It is freeing, and unique! 
Click HERE to check it out!
1. Pick a Phone -You buy the phones outright, so there is upfront cost, but it quickly pays itself back. There is a more affordable phone on Republic Wireless (the motoG) now than when first bought ours (motoX) but there are different features, the Republic Wireless site does a great job outlining the differences. 
2. Pick a Plan - NO CONTRACT AND you can change it 2X a month! 
--never pay for more than you need!
3. Share with your friends and get $20 off!  (this offer is no longer active)
$20 is my husband's and my bill combined! --so that is a MONTH free for us!
4. You've got nothing to lose but money off of your bill!
Check it out now! 
Money back guarantee within your first 30 days! 
Republic Wireless offers a money back guarantee on all of our products, purchased through Republic Wireless so long as the product is returned undamaged in its original packaging and Republic is contacted within 30 days of delivery of the product (initial shipping is non-refundable).
Republic Wireless - the smartphone should empower, not impoverish.

Republic Wireless Moto X $5/month. Data, Talk & Text.
Do you have questions? Comment below!
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Getting Settled In: Ministry Update

Here we are already over a month into our new life in South Florida! We love our church - the people in it, the leadership and the TRUTH and HOPE of Jesus that is taught week after week! With Easter coming up next week, I have butterflies in my stomach - I know people will step into our building that only do a few times a year, or maybe it will be their first time to truly hear to the gospel. As with every series we are given 2 or 3 invite cards in our sermon guides during weeks leading up to the next series. This Easter::
So far Josh and I have personally invited a pizza chef and an Enterprise car assessor - we also left an invite card in a pre-paid Aldi shopping cart- I prayed for the person who might receive that card next might find a bit of encouragement and a reason behind it. I wish I actually knew people here other than from church so I could invite others coming out of a natural friendship, but so far, that's still something I'm hoping and praying to have. Apparently, out of the "unchurched" 7 out of 10 will never get invited to church. 8 out of 10 of your friends will come, if you just ask them and 2% of Christians never share their faith --woah! Let's step it up!

Have you ever invited someone to church? Did they come? Did someone ever invite you? 

I have joined a She Reads Truth
connect group with some AMAZING ladies on Wednesday nights and have gained friendships through studying the book of Acts together and letting ourselves be challenged to take bold action for God's will in our lives. 
photo credit to Krystal F.
Josh and the Coastal leadership team traveled to the Arc conference where they heard from wonderful and empowering speakers and met with fellow church planters and leaders!
We have also been pumped about helping in some outreach volunteer projects through Coastal. Josh was able to meet and pray with people at Adopt-A-Block outreach in Collier City. Coastal is faithful to be in Collier twice a month. During this outreach we are able to love people through cleaning up, food distribution, children's activities, visiting people in their homes and much more. Loving God, Loving People & Showing It. I look forward to being involved in their kids outreach during that time called KidsJam! 
A few Saturdays ago, I was able to be involved in a clean up at S.O.S Children's VillageWe raked and cleaned up over 200 bags of leaves, power washed & trimmed trees. 
Photo credit to Krystal F. 
Sunday mornings have been truly a blessing! Josh is leading so well, and enjoys getting to know the worship team even more as the weeks progress. It is always good when God's people worship Him in Spirit and in truth. There is definitely an environment created where people can meet with God, maybe even for the first time!
Photo credit Ivan M.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

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