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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How Did We Choose Her Name? || 4 Tuesday Talk

Today I want to reveal HER NAME and share with you how we came about choosing the name our little girl (due in 6 weeks!) 

As new parents we had to play the name game. You know what I mean -- 

"Oh I love the name Clara!" 
..."ooo, no ... I knew I mean Clara, what about Amanda?"
"Naw, I know way to many girls named Amanda!"
..."ok, then what about..."

The back and forth continues with narrowing down the list of potential names and crossing out some of your favorites. What became clear to us, was that if you agreed on a name -- you'd want to write it down and remember it, and if you still like the name months later -- it may just be a keeper! So here is the WINNER NAME for my husband and I -- we hope our daughter will love it as much as we do:: 
So darling right?! Well -- don't tell me if you hate it, because we LOVE it! We had this name picked out a few years ago, as our favorite girl name. In fact, we didn't find out the gender of our son prior to birth, so we had it chosen and ready, should a little girl pop out! Needless to say, we had a boy, and we've been holding on to it ever since. 

Her middle name:: Charlotte
I've always loved this classically beautiful name from the first time I heard it. My best friend in Kindergarten and First Grade was Charlotte! She was sweet, caring and welcoming -- and she was from England which also made her quite elegant, in my opinion. She moved back to England after First Grade, but I cherished the time we had as friends. Josh also thought the name was sweet, and so we claimed it!

Her first name:: Ember - We liked the name Amber just fine, but had many friends and acquaintances with the name. We kept looking for something a bit more unique and defining in our family. When we came across the name "Ember" in a baby name list, we had smiles on our faces! We didn't know any girls named Ember personally, but liked that at first read, everyone would know how to pronounce her name, so it wasn't too off-the-wall made up or abstract. 

Don't you think the little spark of life that is present in the embers just seems so well suited for a person, full of potential?

Fun tidbits of "Ember" that have added even more meaning to the name ::

Josh and I have both read and enjoyed The City of Ember. Which reminds me that I should totally purchase the Book of Ember series and have it in baby Ember's nursery! Maybe I can reread it during some late night feedings or watch it if I'm twiddling my thumbs at 42 weeks!
When we were sharing our "girl name" even before we were pregnant with baby #2, some friends asked us if it was inspired by the worship band "The Ember Days". "No", we told them, "we've never heard of them." So of course we had to look them up that night and WOW -- let's just say we are TOTAL fans now! 
Just this last week, Josh sent me a text that simply said: 

Hillsong Young and Free - Embers


What a gorgeous addition of depth and a confirmation for us in naming our little girl! 

As ember fans into flame
I'm revived within Your Name

Your Spirit lives within me
Your Spirit lives within me

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  1. Sweet name! It both sounds and looks pretty. I do love a name that also looks pretty when written out. :)

  2. Beautiful! I love it- so excited for you!

  3. Her name is beautiful! I absolutely love it!

  4. Awww such a beautiful name for a darling little girl.

  5. I LOVE EMBER! What a unique but not completely off the wall name! I had a friend with a sister named Ember and she was funny, sweet and very precocious! Can't wait to see photos once she is born! Keep having a safe and happy pregnancy!

  6. Beautiful name for sure! :) (My nickname growing up, given to me by my dad, was Ember... which has obviously stuck in my adult years and was one of the influences for my blog's name). So pretty!!

  7. Oh thank you, Beth! I am so encouraged :) It is so fun to be looking forward to a girl!

  8. Thank you so much :D I'm thrilled to be able to meet her soon as well :)

  9. Thank you so much, Ashley :D I can't believe how soon we will be meeting her! I hope my Ember will live up to the name connection! Many blessings to you!

  10. YAY :D It's so wonderful to have the connection with other lovely Embers! What a darling nickname from Emily :) I love your style and photos on Ember Grey -- thanks for your encouragement!

  11. I love love love that name! I wouldn't say it if I didn't. So exciting- it's an absolutely beautiful name :)


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