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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How Our Garden Grows || 2 Tuesday Talk

We're making progress on the garden, lately and it's the second week of Tuesday Talk! My mom is arriving TOMORROW night and I can't wait to have her Greene thumb (pun on her last name, there *wink) working with me on getting our garden started! 

I am happy to report that the grass has deadened quite a bit since my last garden update! If you remember, we left off with the plot covered in tarps and concrete tiles with thick green grass underneath. We'd purchased some tools and gloves and laid in wait to utilize them! 

Here are the progress pictures from our labors! My husband worked the rake and hoe (which we got for free!!) to start getting at the grass roots, and I would work after him with the garden claw. The best time to work the garden and remove the grass was on a cloudy day, after the rain. The soil was loosened and damp, and therefore easier to till. 
Step 1 || REMOVE the tarps and concrete slabs. The grass looks much deader, eh?! Some tough ol' grass was still growing strong in the tarp seams, but for the most part, I think our coverage work was a success. I planned on reusing those trash bags, but ahem... I'm not sure where they ended up. No need to complain, though, because I'm thankful for my husband's help!
Step 2 || RIP UP THE GRASS - Dead grass doesn't just disappear, apparently :) unless it was covered forever -- ours was covered for about a month. The garden hoe worked well for chopping up the long grassroots and worked much better than the metal rake for this job. 
STEP 3 || Was the DETAIL WORK to get to the actual soil. I grabbed these tools and dug away for a nice sit-down task. I'm not quite done with the whole garden, but I decided to give my body a rest and not strain too much -- hello 3rd trimester :)
And there you have it! No additional cost for this stage of the gardening process (unless you needed to buy a hoe or rake) -- only some grunt work on your part! Check out that contrast below! Progress, people, progress :)
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Have you ever started a garden? Comment below if you have any tips or posts that may help!
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  1. I absolutely, positively can not wait to be working in my garden again. Oh for warmer weather!

  2. I would love to be gardening right now! Around here the ground is buried in about a foot of snow! Enjoy your time in the sunshine!

  3. Feel free to come help with mine, Donna ;) I hope that I can take advantage of this nice weather and get everything in the ground before my baby arrives! Thanks for taking time to comment :)

  4. That will be wonderful, Beth! What are your favorite plants and veggies to grow?

  5. Oh my....such hard work! I know it's going to look awesome!!

  6. I love that you can start your garden in January!

  7. At first I was thinking it was too cold to start gardening... then I remembered you're a Floridian and the cold has probably already passed through South Florida. I have a black thumb so I am always so envious of people's gardens. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

  8. For sure, Keri! What are your favorite garden veggies?

  9. Thanks Tara! I'm trying to spread out the work, but I'm getting antsy to have it all done and growing!

  10. I know, right? Who would have guessed that I'd be living in Florida and gardening these days? hehe

  11. We have had the best luck with peppers and squash so far. What about you?

  12. oooo nice! Tomatoes look very promising -- and are my favorite garden veggie! (or are they now considered a fruit?! lol)

  13. MMMmmm tomatoes are my favorite! We purchased seeds for some jalapenos (husband's request) and have a banana pepper plant. I really want to get the lettuce growing -- I think that will be SO nice to have fresh lettuce -- we have seeds for a "spring mix"! I've never tried canning before -- does it take up tons of time?

  14. It does take up some time but for us it is completely worth it! I ordered my seeds this weekend. I got; a few types of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, cubanella peppers, butternut squash, black beauty squash, honeydew, sugar babies, cantaloupe, Okra, pickling cucumbers, romaine lettuce, & little finger carrots. I am SO excited. I think I need the hubby to build me another bed ;).


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