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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pollan Signature Salad + Cookbook Giveaway

We had some wonderful friends over for dinner the other night and decided it would be the perfect time to try out a recipe from our new cookbook - The Pollan Family Table! {pssst...there is a giveaway at the bottom of this post!!}
We had picked up the ingredients at the store earlier in the day and were excited to try the new flavors from The Pollan Family Table Cookbook! We decided to make The Pollan Signature Salad which is available on their gorgeous website right now for free viewing, so you can get a peek at what their delicious cookbook has to offer HERE!

It was a great dish to start off our cookbooking because it is one of their trademark potluck dishes that friends request the Pollan Family to bring to gatherings!
The signature dressing was a perfect compliment to the greens, walnuts and Bosc pear! I always enjoy oil dressings, but usually just use basic vinegar and olive oil. The Pollan Family really took it to the next level, with grape-seed oil, dijon, and sherry vinegar. 

I reeeally apprecitated the tips for prepapring the carmelized walnuts. I had never made them before, and found the Pollan Family Table directions so clear and helpful! 
They even wrote that it would be easy to burn the walnuts, so I was well aware that I needed to keep stirring and when they were done, take them off the stove straight away! The directions had the timings all spelled out as well. I found that this cookbook proves to be a thoughtful friend in the kitchen with you, guiding and empowering you to culinary success!
While I was finishing up the walnuts, my friend Michaela prepared the Bosc pear by chopping it in small pieces! She did a stellar job, so I just had to take some pictures of her skills!
Josh was so surprised that he actually enjoyed the pear in the salad... he usually goes with the mantra that fruit does not belong in salad. He liked that the pear grabbed some of the dressing's flavor while adding it's own crunch and sweetness.
Here is the ending result before it was completely consumed by everyone at the table :) I loved the element of shredded parmesan on top. It is something that I always enjoy, but hardly ever purchase. It was so nice to have the recipe and to go ahead and add the delicious treat!
Our dinner was made complete with the company of our friends, and the yummy seasoned fish that Josh prepared and baked out of his own creative tastebuds :)
This little kid enjoyed the remainder of the caramelized walnuts the next day like candy :) since they kind of are! We used 1/2 a cup on the salad and added a bit more on our individual plates, to taste.
I think this salad was quite the hit! ----and now we have all of the oils and Dijon on hand to make the delicious dressing again! I think this will be one of our family favorites as well! I'm so glad we branched out and tried something new! View the full recipe HERE

Do you want to try more Pollan Family recipes? Enter to win the cookbook!
*I received a cookbook to review and to giveaway in exchange for my honest review!
What do you love most about a new cookbook?
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A Fresh Start


  1. I love all the new meals i can cook :)

  2. I love trying out all the new meals.

  3. i love new recipe ideas! :) and the smell of a new book!!

  4. I love pears in salads! I also need that cutting board you have!

  5. um, YUM! How did I miss this blog earlier this week!? It's so fun trying out new recipes and adding a nice flair to the mundane ruts we sometimes get into! Love the idea of candied walnuts for a little treat for the little man! Xo

  6. Finding new recipes to try.

  7. That's for sure! It is so nice to have new variety!

  8. Mmmmm :) New book mixed with a new recipe -- what a great combination! Thanks for entering, Robyn!

  9. I love those wooden cutting boards! If I remember correctly, they were hand-crafted by a friend from my parent's church who gave them as a gift when we got married! What could be better?!

  10. Hehe :) Yes -- It was actually an accident -- I left them out on the table and Marshall snuck out of bed in the morning before I noticed :) so funny!


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