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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fun New Music for YOU! || 6 Tuesday Talk

One of my favorite singing groups, Pentatonix, released a unique video that my family LOVES! Little Marshall even asks for "P-tonix" or "Papa-wooo-tay" so he can dance and enjoy. 
Pentatonix won The Sing-Off when I was in college, so I've followed them for a few years now! They are an acapella singing group that also is very talented with instruments, and will feature them from time to time. This video also has the lovely and talented Lindsey Sterling playing violin. 

We started with the Pentatonix video and then realized that we didn't know the featured artist. We looked up this mysterious "Stromae" and found out that he is a HUGE star! (Check out the view counts on his YouTube videos!) He has such a strong, reliable voice that is just so ... well ... beautiful! I've included the official music video and a live performance below, because I think you might just want to go on a little listening rampage!

The lyrics are in French, but the message is very relatable to so many audiences -- what does it take to be a dad, present in the life of his child? It is easy to father a child, but what about after that -- responsibility without caring is what happens sometimes. 
Where are you, Papa?

Everyone knows how to raise a child, 
But no one knows how to raise a father.

...and you're welcome, by the way *wink  .... I hope you enjoy!

Comment below, because I'd love to know: 
Have you heard of these groups before? What new music are you listening to lately?

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FYI:: One of our lovely hostesses, Becky, is giving away a copy of Jessica Turner's The Fringe Hours on her Tuesday Talk post this week, so be sure to check it out!

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  1. I've heard the name Pentatonix before, but never listened to any of their music.. i really like it!
    I started listening to Beck's album this week after the whole Grammys thing with Kanye West last week. It's really good background music for working.

  2. I'm so glad you like them, Andrea :D They have such variety -- and great Christmas music as well! I love listening to music while I work as well -- makes me feel like I'm in college again!

  3. The husband and I LOVE Pentatonix - so fun. :)


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