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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Getting Close!! || 38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

How far along? 38 weeks! Almost there, but not yet! I'm enjoying time with my vibrant 2 1/2 year old and giving him all the snuggles he wants -- this week he's been wanting a lot extra, maybe he knows things are about to change. 

Little man and I have had a wonderful week together -- he's taken Josh's morning words to heart -- to be sweet and gentle to Mommy! Nap and bedtimes have also gone super well :) aaand I cut his hair this week! When I showed him his new hair in the mirror he said in the sweetest and most honest voice, "looking good!" -- haha! He's looking more grown up *tear ((so proud!))
Gender? A sweet girl :)

In case you missed it: 
Gender reveal post
Learn about her name

What's baby up to? She's just fattening up and perfecting final systems details :) She's the size of... a baby! lol -- I wonder what her birth weight will be -- oh, the mystery!

Total weight gain/loss? I think I'm hitting a gain around 30 pounds right now from pre-pregnancy weight -- which is totally fine with me! 

Maternity clothes? I picked up some new clothes when my sister was here and am LOVING the comfort of maxi skirts

Sleep? Enjoying sleep and rest when I am able -- I'm honestly not sure how often I get up in the night -- but thankfully I go back to sleep quickly!

Best moment this week? A couple of days after a deep chiropractic massage and my back feels ... nice, normal, not-as-achy -- and so I am so thankful! I also have been having little bursts of energy to work on my pre-labor to-do list, it's nice to be making progress!

Symptoms? I've been getting some cramps and twinges here and there -- gearing up for the big event. One day when my sister was here I had awful full body muscle ache. That was rough. She and her hubby took care of Marshall while I actually slept most of the day. I think I'd just been overdoing it and might have released tons of relaxin hormone or something? who knows!

Food cravings? chocolate :) yep!

Food aversions? Not a huge fan of spicy or super acidic right now, but that's about it!

Belly button in or out? out since forever ago :)

What I miss? Hm. I'm not sure what I miss. Maybe being more "capable" to handle things than I am now. 

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting my little gal :) I can't wait to see what color her hair is, what she looks like, and holding her in my arms!

Bumpity Bump :)
Comment Below, because I'd love to know:: 
What were you doing when you went into labor?
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  1. I loved how you did your reveal, so cute. Your little man looks adorable, and yes love him to pieces.

    Rachel xo

  2. So, so, so close. I was induced with both of my babies but I am slightly crazy and I always wanted that dramatic. "My water just broke" in the middle of some where scenario" Haha ha! Oh well, probably for the best.

  3. Wow... so close! Although, I went to almost 42 weeks so really 38 weeks wasn't all that close for me... I'll send positive labor thoughts and prayers your way so hopefully you don't need to wait that long, though! :-)
    -- Lisa | Two Martinis


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