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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Giving My Wedding Dress Away || Tuesday Talk

Last month I finally did something I'd been thinking of doing for quite some time now ... I gave away my wedding dress! When my mom came to visit, she was stopping in to stay with us before and after a mission trip to Haiti. We were able to package it up and have it arrive the next day! 
The ladies were excited to add my wedding dress to their store in hopes that a woman might be able to wed and not have to wait because she didn't have the right clothes. I would have been so frustrated in sad if I wanted to marry and the only thing keeping me from it was a dress. 
What about your daughter?
Many of you may be thinking, "Why, knowing you have a girl, did you give away your wedding dress?" --and the truth of the matter is, I want her dress to be her choice should she get married. My dress wasn't "custom made" and I didn't spend zillions of dollars on it, so if she really really wanted pretty much the same dress, we could totally find it! It is more important to me that a Haitian couple could get married and not simply "live together" because they couldn't do it the "right way" in their own eyes.  
Any regrets?
No way! I think this was a big deal, I know it was -- but a wedding dress is still a dress. My marriage is far more important and that is something I will cherish and grow and hopefully impart to my daughter. Also, the photos (thank you Sarah K Crawford, Becca Pascoe, and Heather Foley!) and memories will always be ours to cherish! My husband even wrote a post, reflecting on that wonderful day. 
To the woman who may wear my dress one day, 

I pray that you will be blessed with a Christ-following husband who leads your family in a bold and biblical way. I pray that you will feel like a princess on your wedding day and glow with the light of Jesus! I pray that you will learn to be a servant leader in your home, something we all can grow in. Let God equip and change you to be the woman he designed for the man you are marrying.

Much love and many blessings, 


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What is something you have been blessed to give away?
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  1. What a great idea! Yes. It's just a dress, but it's so much more for the woman who will be blessed to wear it! What a wonderful gift you were able to give.

  2. I absolutely love this Andrea!! You have a beautiful heart. I actually gave mine away a few years ago and had a similar mindset. I think when you see or hear of how others live with so much less it makes you realize these items are just materials

  3. This is such a neat idea. Around here there are a few organizations who collect old prom dresses and give them to girls who can't afford a dress and otherwise wouldn't be able to attend prom. I love the idea of re-using a wedding dress the same way.

  4. How amazing is this.. I love that.. I gave away some Prom dresses before to help girls in need. I wish I could do this my wedding dress got ruined :(

    Happy Tuesday

    Chelsea @

  5. Love this beautiful idea, you even have me tearing up here girl. Such a wonderful way to share love.

  6. One of my closest friends just did this with her wedding dress. Such a wonderful idea.

  7. YAY! I donated my dress too! (not to goodwill, to a place that gives wedding dresses to those who need them!) It was the best thing for me to do with my dress!

  8. My wedding dress also went to Haiti with a mission trip. :) Such a better use for it than storing it somewhere.

  9. What a beautiful gesture Andrea.
    I'm sure the whoever wears your dress will be so appreciative.
    You have a wonderful heart.

  10. Such an amazing gift you have given to another women! While I don't have a daughter, my thoughts are the same as yours.

  11. What a wonderful gift. I have truly been pondering giving mine away. I have all boys, so no daughter to give it to...

  12. Oh Beth, you are so sweet and uplifting to me! Thank you for your kind words :)

  13. :D I LOVE that we share this experience, Beth! After moving a couple of times and re-stashing my dress in the closet I started to realize how odd it was to keep a dress I never wear, and that someone else could use! I agree -- best thing for me as well :) Love ya!

  14. :D Nice, Rachel! I totally agree :) Did YOU go to Haiti with the mission trip?

  15. Thank you for your thoughtful words, Andrea :) I hope that it will be an encouragement!

  16. It's definitely something to consider, Becky! I would say, only give it away if you feel ready and would not regret your decision. For me, it was definitely the right choice, and I felt totally at peace about it :)

  17. No I didn't. When I moved to Kenya, I left my dress with my sister, for her to do something with it - I never intended to keep it, but I wasn't sure if anyone would buy it. She heard from a friend about the mission trip and their request for dresses. I don't think I knew anyone who went on that trip, but they took my dress!

  18. I just put it on Craigslist and a girl came and got it that was in need. A local church collects prom dresses for teens which I love that idea!


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