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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Where Did All the Hair Go? || 5 Tuesday Talk

Chop chop! I had been wanting to learn how to cut my own hair for quite sometime, but didn't want to venture by myself without supervision! A friend of mine shared that she cuts her own hair, and offered to give me tips and help me out. After I straightened my hair, I realized it was even longer than I'd thought! My next thought was, "Is it long enough to donate?" I'm happy to say, IT WAS! With my sharp new hair-cutting scissors, I whacked away with a little help from m'friend :) My hair had been getting unruly and exhausting to tame, so I was pumped to bid it adieu!

This was my third time to donate a ponytail! Don't be nervous, You can do it too!

What You'll Need to Do::

1 || Cut 10+ inches of clean and dry hair in a ponytail or braid 
Note: I cut mine at home, but some salons will cut your hair for free if you are donating it or will help you package and mail it!
2 || Fold the hair in tissue paper to keep it from getting tangled (not required)
3 || Place in a zip-lock baggie within a padded envelope
4 || Fill out your hair donation form HERE!
5 || Seal your envelope well and mail to::
234 Southern Boulevard 
West Palm Beach, FL

If you'd like to learn more about what Locks of Love does with the hair they receive and more about their mission and vision visit their website!

...and here's the new hairdo! I'm really enjoying the ease of getting it tamed and moving right along with my day :)

Comment below, because I'd love to know: What are some of your favorite things to donate?

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  1. Your 3rd time? Nice. :)

    I have never had my hair long enough to donate, but I think it's such a great idea!

  2. So cute! I recently chopped mine off, and it feels AMAZING! So nice that you were able to donate yours.

  3. Awww I've sent my hair to locks of love multiple times, love it!! Pregnancy hair is the BEST too :)

  4. Looks lovely! First time I donated it Chad chopped it off for me- I was soo nervous, but it turned out great and yes for a great cause :) Happy Link-up!

  5. That's awesome, I've donated my hair three times too! Although I don't think I'll be doing it takes FOREVER for my hair to grow back, the older I get the longer it's taken each time. Ask me again in a year, I'm sure I'll be done with my long hair and want to chop it off again. Stopping by from Tuesday Talk. Here's the post with the pictures from my haircuts. Enjoy your shorter hair!

  6. I've donated a couple times and love it! But it is a little shocking when you initially get rid of that first 10 inches. I also really like donating blood and can remember crying more than once when I wasn't eligible. I love the new hair do it looks so so cute!

  7. You're so brave to venture in to cutting your own hair!

  8. That is awesome! I've never had my hair long enough, but my sisters have donated before :) Your new cut is adorable!

  9. How awesome, Whitney! I love that it is just a fun dramatic haircut whenever you donate because it has to be a significant chop. Hopefully they were able to benefit from that pregnancy hair! lol

  10. HAHA :D That's so fun that Chad cut it off -- wow! I love the fact that wavy/curly hair can be so forgiving as well! I straighten my hair when mom was here and had her snip a few strays :) I can't wait to see you soon!!!

  11. Thanks so much! :D I was surprised that I had enough to donate, and was so glad I did! aaand I got the package mailed, which is a feat in itself as well! lol

  12. Andrea that's usually why I'm ineligible too (low iron levels). It's a good motivator for me to take my supplements! haha :)

  13. YES! I totally just lose track of time and it's long enough again :) lol I think I might keep it on the shorter/medium side here for awhile, but we shall see!

  14. Oh thanks, Stacia! I'm glad that my hair isn't stick straight since I'm the one doing the cutting -- I think I would be out of my league if I didn't have the forgiveness of waves :)

  15. It is so fun, isn't it! :D quite a little thrill! I used to love donating blood, but then I just started getting super discouraged because my iron levels weren't good enough...gotta work on that! Thanks for commenting, Sarah :) You're so sweet to me!

  16. I know, right?! I held off on cutting it because I thought it would be a "mom haircut" and fit into some sort of stereotypical mold-- but then I realized -- I'll cut it and grow it out whenever I want and not worry about what other people think....I feel much better about that choice :)

  17. I love the new hair! Doesn't change feel good? It looks great on you.

  18. Good for you! And I love the cut! The natural waves look beautiful on you! -Jess

  19. I'm loving your new haircut!! I want to donate, but I heard that it can't have any highlights left in it. :)

  20. I've heard that waves can be incredibly forgiving. My hair is mostly stick straight, so I'm always hesitant. I've learned to cut my own bangs, but I don't want to deal with the rest. haha


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