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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How Our Garden Grows || 3 || Tuesday Talk

Now's when things are really getting exciting in my garden! One of my goals for December was to be ready to plant when my mom came to visit in January. I am sooo pleased to say, that we did get to plant with my mom and enjoyed progressing the garden together.  

To catch you up: be sure to check out Part One and Part Two of the How Our Garden Grows series to see how far we've come!
We left off with MONEY IN from previous tools purchases $33.00
Step 1: Purchase your soils, plants, and seeds!
Our family headed to Lowe's to make our purchases, because we had some special coupons and gift cards and were ready to use them (details on that below!) My hubby Josh was the designated soil-lifter and cart-pusher especially because I am pregnant! ... I just love that guy :)

As you can see -- our cart was loaded up. Our fellow Florida gardener, Josh's uncle Jeff,  recommended a soil/compost/peat mixture to help our sandy soil be more friendly to our plants. 

We purchased (priced before discounts and taxes)
Majestic Earth Sphagnum Peat Moss: $9.87
Black Cow - Composted Cow Manure: $4.48
Organic Choice - Organic Garden Soil: $6.72

Then, we purchased seeds! 
Jalapeno Pepper: $2.04
Tomatillo: $1.79
Spring Mix Lettuce: $3.12
Spinach: $1.22
Lettuce: $1.22

...and live plants!
Raspberry: $ 7.18
Blueberry: $7.18
Sweet Banana Pepper: $1.43
Heirloom Tomato: $1.78
Heirloom Tomato: $5.38
3 more Tomato plants: $9.93

Special Note:: Ways I save at Lowe's
  • Coupons [example: $10 off $50 purchase] from the mail or promotional emails offering a % off
  • Buy Discounted Gift Cards -- I purchase from GiftCardRescue where the normal discount for Lowe's is 11% off, and often times more during holidays etc.! 
MONEY IN for plants and soils (after discounts and taxes): $57.20
*I saved over $14 using my discounts explained above!
During an afternoon nap (for both Marshall and I) my mom had a burst of energy (as always!) and finished planting the garden! She used old metal curtain rods beside the plants to stabilize -- and I actually tied them off with strings of palm tree fronds (lol) -- but you could use twine!
 We bordered the garden with the trash-bags to continue to hedge out the weeds and added stones for stepping near the plants.
Raspberry and Blueberry Plants (the raspberry plant got a bit sad after waiting awhile to be planted, but thankfully, it perked up!)
Sweet Banana Pepper (which we divided into 2 plants!)
Marshall loves exploring the garden and helping with the watering!

My mom was a fantastic help and really jump-started my garden! It was so fun to get my garden planted with her!
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Comment below because I'd love to know:
What are your go-to garden plants?
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  1. Great looking garden! Nice work. I need to getting planning!

  2. Yay!!! So fun!! As long as it's nice this weekend, we plan to do this! Can't wait!

  3. So exciting. I am completely jealous that you already have plants in the ground. I can't plant anything until a week or so into May :(.

  4. Okay, would you like to come to North Carolina and plant my garden???? LOL! Amazing, I can't grow anything. I've tried and tried and it all ends up dead! Waste of money, time and energy. So I will follow you and drool over your homegrown treasures.


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