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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Monthly Goals - April 2015 - #friendswithgoals

April is a month of stepping further into my new role as mommy of two and learning to thrive. One of my favorite phrases comes from a song that both my husband and I love, "I wanna thrive, not just survive" from Switchfoot! I hope to embrace that concept this month as things continue to change in my little world.

First things first, here's how things went for my
March Goals:: 
1 || Mail out baby shower thank-you's!
YAY! I got these sent out for those I had addresses for -- friends and family keep showering the gifts, so now I have more thank-you's to write! :)
2 || Be patient and present in the waiting for Ember to arrive.
This was super hard -- thankfully my parents were a great help for fun and walks. I have to say, I started to loose my mind, though -- since I didn't have her until 40 weeks 5 days! I stopped working after my due date, so I do think I was able to be more present, but boy does waiting mess with your mind! And SHE'S HERE NOW, so all that waiting paid off!
3 || Trust the LORD Jesus in labor and birth, relying on the Spirit, and not my own strength!
God pulled through in a tremendous way! I can't wait to share the full story, but we were able to have Ember in our home [living room!] just as we had hoped and prayed, and didn't have any complications that would merit a trip to the hospital :)
4 || Balance our March family visitors well with our new baby
I have to say, I really think that the mutual communication worked well on this one :) I was able to hand off a lot of responsibilities to family while I rested. I am amazed at their sacrifice and joy in serving!

I'll be continuing to work through my Goals for the New Year in the coming months as I plan my April goals. 
My April Goals::
1 || Fully engage in the staff connect group Freeway: A Not-So-Perfect-Guide to Freedom
Lord willing, will be able to prepare and participate in the Freeway group both this month and next. It is my prayer to win spiritual battles and build in trust and friendship with those in the group! We just had our first group meeting last night, and I am quite excited about this workbook and how God will work on me!

2 || Record bedtimes/wake times of Marshall and myself! 
I got this idea from one of our #friendswithgoals link-up ladies from Morning Motivated Mom and think that it will really help our schedule! This may be hard to keep up with, but I'm hopeful!

4 || Transition well back to work
I work part-time at home for a social media company and will be starting back (gradually at first) this month. I hope that I can keep everything in check and be a mommy and worker to the best of my abilities -- and reevaluate my schedule as necessary if I need extra help! I could use prayer in this department.

5 || Stay healthy
When serving others, it can be hard to remember to have good self-care! One of my goals this year was to build my immune system -- this month I want to keep up with my vitamin regimen and eat and drink water often! Goal--not to get sick/anemic! Also, little girl needs me to have healthy milk!

6 || Write an update [or two] on my garden!
We've been harvesting yummies from our garden lately! I want to compose a couple of posts about this to document and share our progress :)

Now, it's your turn! What are some goals that are important to you for the month of April?
Bloggers, be sure to link-up below, and encourage one another! Others, please leave your goals in the comments below! I would love to see you come back to check in the 1st of each month with your progress! 
Link-Up Rules: 
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Mitchael Journey

I make goals to measure my months and encourage myself and others to press on! 
Why do you set goals?
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  1. Congrats again! I'm happy your labor and delivery went well. I'm looking forward to reading the story. I always enjoy a good birth story. :)

    I'm sure I will enjoy your garden posts also. I need a little motivation in that area. Last summer's garden wasn't too successful!

    Thanks for mentioning my bedtime/wakeup recording goal! It's so hard for me to make sleep a priority. Good luck with it, especially as it's hard (at times impossible!?) to prioritize sleep with a newborn!

  2. I can't wait to read Ember's story. Thanks so much for hosting this link up!

  3. Self care is SO important, especially when you spend so much time serving others. It's something I am constantly working on in my life and I have been getting better about it with time!

  4. Love these goals! I recently got back to trying to be better about taking a vitamin because was getting anemic again. No fun! Praying as you transition back to working some!

  5. I'm looking forward to sharing it! It's my pleasure, Shelly!

  6. Me too!
    I've found that gardening has been a relaxing past-time now that I'm actually harvesting! Hopefully this summer will be better for you :)

    That's for sure, I hope that we don't experience a sleep regression, she has been SO good! I even got a nap today!

  7. Thank you Beth, I really appreciate that! <3

  8. Yes! I am feeling a bit sniffly today, and am reminded to keep up my rest and health regimen! Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Whew -- it is hard to keep up! I'm usually borderline anemic, and am hoping that my iron levels are building back up after birth -- I'll find out in a few weeks at my appointment! Thank you for your prayers, Keri!


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