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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Monthly Goals - June 2015 - #friendswithgoals

Here's my honest report on how things went last month!
May Goals:: 
1 || Go on a date [or two!] with Josh
We went on a date! I had SUSHI! Salmon deliciousness :) It was lovely, even with our little sweetheart third wheel, Ember! It was so nice to get dressed up and get out with my man :)
2 || Be more supportive - I really think there was an improvement in this realm for May!
3 || Get rid of 10 items per week - less intentioonal than I wanted to be, but I still think we accomplished about 3 per week :)
4 || Don't get sick, get energy - I didn't get sick!! And if waking up one morning and deciding to clean the grout in the kitchen and bathroom is a sign of energy, I'd say this was a WIN! Apparently, the kitchen grout isn't black, but a sandy color! :)
5 || Begin exercising again - begin, yes :) A couple of walks to the park, mowing, weed-eating and a little sprint up a hill. We're moving, getting there!
6 || Save my paychecks - yeah -- I feel good about this one 
7 || Share The Best Yes with others - If you missed it, here was the post! I was able to join with other bloggers and send 3 copies to readers! I pray it is changing lives and slowing the rush in these ladies' lives.

It's a new month with new hopes! I'll be using some inspiration from my Goals for the New Year as I plan my June goals, and the months to come!

June Goals::
1 || Read the Bible daily - I am skipping days here and there, and want to be more consistent!
2 || Reorganize bedrooms - We're getting new carpet from our friends, and need to clear clutter below beds and in the closets
3 || Date Josh! - Father's Day and Josh's 26th birthday are both this month! Time to celebrate :)
4 || Write 5 Thank-You notes - I want to mail out a few more thank-you's and make this a habit in the future.
5 || Plant Swiss chard and cauliflower - I purchased some seeds, and look to start them this month, whether in the garden or as indoor seedlings!
6 || Learn about avocados and harvest - We have an avocado tree in our backyard! I need to know when to harvest them
7 || Go for a jog or few and walks - Continuing on my goal to a 5k this year!

Now, it's your turn! What are some goals that are important to you for the month of June?
Bloggers, be sure to link-up below, and encourage one another! Others, please leave your goals in the comments below!

Link-Up Rules: 
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Optional FUN:
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Mitchael Journey

What is top on your priority list this month?

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  1. Thank you for hosting this party every month :)

  2. You have an avocado tree in your backyard? That is so awesome! Thanks for hosting, friend!

  3. No way- avocados?! I am amazed! That is awesome. Cannot wait to hear about that!

  4. Congrats on doing so well with your goals last month! Thanks for hosting this link-up. I love seeing what others accomplish!

  5. Good luck with your 5K! Have you done any in the past?

    Thanks for hosting the goal linkup!

  6. Thanks so much! Yes, I have done several, but it has been a few years. I like the feel of a 5k :) It is my pleasure to host!

  7. Thank you, Brita! It is really cool to see how people are changing their lives! It is one of the reasons I started blogging -- to grow and become a better person :)

  8. I KNOW!!! RIGHT?! I am so pumped, I just don't want to mess them up! Gotta learn more ;)

  9. YEAH! It's a whole new world for me here in South Florida! Our other neighbor has a mango tree! Thanks for linking up Laura Jean -- it is great to connect again!

  10. You're welcome, Sharon! It's been really fun :) Thank you for being involved and linking up!


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