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Monday, June 8, 2015

This Girl's Got Glasses!

Eye soreness. Dizziness. Fatigue. Squinting.  Trouble Focusing.

I hoped nothing was severely wrong, and was concerned for my poor little eyes. It had been several years since I'd had my eyes checked -- but I remember them saying, back then, that I had a slight astigmatism, I didn't need glasses now, but I would probably need them the next time I was checked. 

I was encouraged to wait until after I delivered my baby so that I could get an accurate prescription, something about pregnancy, swelling and hormones affecting the corneas. Most issues usually correct themselves after childbirth. Some say you should wait even longer, until 6-9 months postpartum or even after you finish nursing -- however I could just not wait any longer. 

For the past 3 years I've either been pregnant or nursing, so it was HIGH time and the dizzy factor was making me nervous and the eye ache was getting worse!
So, we made time for an exam, loaded up the kiddos and headed to Target! I did opt to forgo getting my eyes dilated just in case of any potential side issues while nursing. Josh moseyed around the store to keep the kids occupied, and I gave my best which-one's-better- "1 or 2" answers. 

Everything went SO smoothly. The doctor was such a kind woman, and I was actually thrilled that I needed a prescription, because it gave me hope that things would improve. It was surprising that when I was asked to read the clearest line, I told her I could guess on the 2nd biggest line! WOW -- I had no idea how much my eyes had weakened! 
With my script in hand, I headed home and online -- to order my glasses! I was pumped because I had been contacted by to review prescription eyeglasses -- and it was perfect timing, because their email prompted me to step forward and actually get my exam, knowing I could get a pair from GlassesShop!
The GlassesShop online was super easy -- I "tried on" glasses using my webcam to sort of get a grasp of the frame shape and then picked out a pair that was fun and just my style! It's not the same as trying them on in person, but it did help. I wished they could have magically arrived, but of course they had to make them and ship them, as is usual for receiving glasses -- but they came right to my house!
Now, best of all -- I CAN SEE! They actually have a lot more cheap glasses that are great quality from what I can tell -- so I'll probably order a backup pair sometime soon, and likely order some prescription sunglasses as well! After-all, I do live in Sunny Florida! I never thought I'd be able to afford prescription sunglasses but prices starting at $30 -- heck ya!

Being a first-time glasses wearer, I did have an adjustment period of getting used to seeing through the lens. There was a bit of distortion at first where everything seemed "tilty", but a quick google search later, and I knew more what to expect and how long it might take for the adjustment -- and now I'm good to go!

Some tips I found::

1 || Put your new glasses on first thing in the morning.
(oops, I put them on right when they arrived in the mail, mid-day!)
2 || If you experience eye strain, try to push through to adjust sooner.
(I didn't have any pain, but my eyes did get a bit tired at first)
3 || Try to wear your glasses all day.  
(I could see so much better, why would I want to take them off!)

Here are some real life moments with my new look!
From getting used to putting them on the morning, to properly hugging without poking someone with my eye-wear, to cleaning them without smudging and having a frame on my face -- it's a whole new world! The amazing thing -- the world is now in HD! Lines are sharper, and details are more pronounced and vivid! I no longer have to squint to see or wait for my eyes to adjust. Now, when I take off my glasses I can't imagine how I was even seeing without them! 

For those of you who may want to pick up a new pair of glasses, I'm so excited to offer you a coupon code for Mitchael Journey readers! GSHOT50 will give you 50% off any non-sale eyeglasses or sunglasses with FREE lenses! AAAAND if this if your first time to order from -- Get your First Pair Free and only pay shipping & handling! Enjoy!

*I was given these glasses for free in exchange for sharing about my honest experience with
Comment below, because I'd love to know!
Have you ever purchased glasses online? Have you tried GlassesShop?
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1 comment :

  1. Abi at Joy In My KitchenJune 11, 2015 at 8:45 PM

    This is timely since my husband just got a prescription and we need to figure how/where to get his glasses. Thanks for sharing this resource!


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