Hi, I'm Andrea! Our little family of four lives in South Florida and leads worship. We are here to share the love of Christ and live life together. We're learning a lot here and enjoy looking for opportunities to grow. Thanks for listening and coming alongside us!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Listen for Your Soul

I rarely sit down to read a book. A lot of it is the state of interruption that I live in. This post is typed in two line increments because I chose to start typing right after I laid the littles down for a nap. . . and they often need my help again and again until finally they are asleep.  

I have shared before how much I enjoy listening. Music feeds my creativity and my sanity, audio broadcasts, such as the Focus on the Family App keep me grounded and educated, listening to the Bible gives me insight and attentiveness to the big picture and audio books have breathed in depth and encouragement. 

When I headed to one of my favorite websites,, I was thrilled to find that a book I've been wanting to read was available as the free book of the month. 

You may have seen this video::
This couple both inspires and intrigues me. I cannot understand, but I seek the wisdom that they have within. Download the book Eight Twenty Eight here: during the month of July! I pray you are blessed, I can't wait to listen alongside you.

Thank you Ian and Larissa Murphy, for sharing your journey with us.
This is not a sponsored post or anything :) I just wanted to share the love!

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Guess Who's Swimming?

After naps today, we decided to take a family dip in our backyard pool. So we slathered up with sunscreen and stepped into our swimsuits for a Sunday swim!
I decided that today would be the day for Ember to swim -- for the first time! She has a darling swimsuit that I'd picked up at "Thrift City". It didn't look like it had ever been worn. Ember sported her cute suit and her Lil Joey Cloth Diaper. I covered her head to toe with coconut oil as well as Honest Co Sunscreen to protect her soft sweet skin. 

She was a doll in the pool, a little otter! She laid back on my shoulder and kicked gently, belly up.It was the perfect evening for her to swim for the first time since her water birth! Tomorrow she will turn 4 months old, I can't believe it!

You know those "water babies" videos on YouTube that are so cool, but totally scary! As I held her I debated blowing air in her face and giving her a quick dip, but decided to wait and research more first. Have you ever tried it? Well, the funny thing is, at one point she sneezed, which flung her head down and splashed her entire face in the water! So she went under a bit after all and, of course, didn't breath in the water -- since she was sneezing air out! So funny :)

Now comes some more exciting news!

Marshall is SWIMMING! For real -- he has done little dips in the water, blown bubbles and has nervously gone under for a few kicks. Tonight, however, he was confident, and THRILLED with his new found skills! He didn't want to stop going from daddy to the steps and back again. "I did it!", "I blew bubbles, and kicked.", "I can do it all myself" he kept saying. Sometimes when he was underwater I could hear him humming -- he said he was singing Victorious! A song that Josh and our church recorded this year, one of his personal favorites!

I just had to take some video! After he got out we called both grandmas to tell them the BIG news!
The whole evening was very peaceful and relaxing. Little Ember never fussed or complained in the water. Marshall fell in love with swimming and was so proud of his new skills. Josh and I got to relax and enjoy our family!

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