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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Letter to a New Mom

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Dear Pregnant Mommy,

I'm writing you this letter, because I'm SO EXCITED for you! Welcome to a new adventure that will add so much depth and dimension to who you are! This letter holds my thoughts at the moment of finding out you're pregnant. There is so much I've learned. There is so much YOU will learn. Maybe these thoughts will help give you a boost. As my dad always said -- "I want you to be launched off of my shoulders, learn from my life experiences". I'm not going to say everything you need to know, by any means. Heaven knows that we can't handle all that right now.

Take these words and do what you will with them. These are some things other people have shared with me and some things I'd like to go back and tell my past-self. So here we go...

1 || God gave you this baby right now on purpose! 
This child is a seriously amazing gift entrusted to you. You're a mom now. Own it! Embrace this fact. No one can take that reality from you. You will love this baby so deeply. You will fall in love, and you will choose to love.

2 || You've got this.
Trust what you know is true. Learn, yes -- but know that built inside of you are some remarkably cool instincts and intuitions that God designed. He's pretty awesome in His designs.

Grow your faith NOW so that you can tap into truth reserves when you may get weary!

3 || Your body will change. 
Yeah, that's pretty much just truth right there. 

You'll see numbers on the scale that you've never seen before. People will guess how far along you are all wrong all the time. You are both "so small" and "about to pop" to different people at the same time!

I thank God that I have a husband who loves me in all of my shapes and bumps and bigs and smalls. Look for those people in your life!

My recommendation:: as you outgrow your clothes, put them in a giant tub and take them out of your closet/drawers so you won't have to see the cute clothes you can't fit in every time you get dressed!! After your baby is born you can pull them out in order of size with the biggest clothes being on top, from when you grew out of them! You may not scrape the bottom of the tub, but you may. Life goes on!

4 || There are a million choices ahead of you. But don't make those choices out of fear or because someone else "said so".

It may seem like everyone has a horror story about pregnancy, birth, poop, teething, drama ... but their life is not yours.

Make the best choice for you and your family based on the information you have and the Spirit of God within you. 

Find peace in that choice.   ||   WISDOM > fear  ||    people pleasing

We may make completely different choices in all realms. and that's okay.

I'm Andrea Mitchael, it's great to meet you! I'm so glad we're friends! 

5 || Don't ride that guilt train.
These mom wars and guilt trips are dumb. Don't give into them. Don't play these awful games. Ain't no body need more of the devil in their lives.

Let other moms live empowered lives that they believe in. But for now -- don't guilt yourself! If you spend time "guilting" yourself, it will be easier to guilt others.

freeeeeeeeeedoooooommmmmm is the name of the game for Jesus -- so, yeah -- that's what I'm going with too!

6 || Ditch the labels -- and realize who you really are in the kingdom. 
Work out your faith right now. Get strong and ready for action. Put on the full armor of God and get ready for what happens next!

I'm a young married-natural-home waterbirthing-extended breastfeeding-gluten-free-primarily cloth  diapering-ECing-babywearing-homeopathic-part-time work-from-home mom of two

... literally none of those things where who I was 5 years ago. None.

Jesus loves me. This I know. For the Bible tells me so.

7 || Your life isn't ruined. This is your life!
Life is so amazing -- such a unique experience full of completely unexpected journeys and changes. The life that "would have been" had you not gotten pregnant does. not. exist. This is IT. Your one chance to make a difference in the world. You have this life. This baby. This opportunity!

8 || This is their childhood.  
Remember when you were a kid? That carefree-ness that someone was taking care of you and letting you have fun and pure joy? You are going to give that to someone else. You're going uphill to make their childhood memories, and you better believe it's worth it! Don't wish it away. and, by gollie, it's fast! Enjoy it right along with them!

9 || Babies are people too!
One day I woke up wracking my brain about why my son woke up in the night. What could I do differently. Research research. Stress. etc. But then it hit me. Sometimes I wake up in the night for no reason. Sometimes I just feel like crying. Babies aren't robots. Babies are people too!

Creative adaptation is the name of the game. Your baby will continue to change, you will continue to change. Try not to get boxed in. Try new methods and keep on going!

I remember telling someone Marshall never fell asleep in the car anymore and then literally on.the.way.home. he did! hahaaaa!!

I would never let my child eat ________, drink _______, say _______, watch ________......
or maybe you will. Let life happen!

10 || Ask for help. You can do this alone, or you can do this with other people.
I prefer the latter.

If you don't have good people around you, read good books written by good people. Don't think you're the only one to have ever raised a kid. Filter advice and add more tools to your tool belt! My pastor is always saying -- The people you surround yourself with are the people you will be like in five years... choose wisely!

There is so much more to share... my mind is reeling with thoughts. Stuff like "you are the expert on your baby", "take time to rest", "be intentional", "you're not alone", "you're going to mess up, but don't give up", .... all of the feels

Check out my post "Marriage After Baby" for some thoughts adding a baby in the mix of marriage!

Comment below, because I'd love to know:: 
What have you learned the hard way in the mommy journey?

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