Hi, I'm Andrea! Our little family of four lives in South Florida and leads worship. We are here to share the love of Christ and live life together. We're learning a lot here and enjoy looking for opportunities to grow. Thanks for listening and coming alongside us!

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Amber for Ember

  Our sweet little Ember is such a doll! She is nearing age 2 this March (can you believe it?) and has been a special addition to our family dynamic. I can already attest to you that girls are different, that's for certain! It is amazing to see how Marshall and Ember have done different things in their stages of development. They've learned different first words and phrases than one another. It is all so very intriguing! God has taught me so much already through parenting, and I'm growing in this journey.

    One thing Ember LOVES is jewelry! She will literally ask me nearly ever morning to wear one of my necklaces. I generally allow her to for a bit, but the fit is awkward, and the materials could pose a choking issue, so the fun doesn't last long. One of her favorite pieces of jewelry is one that fits her perfectly and was designed for children. It is her Baltic Amber necklace by Bambeado! They graciously gave us a necklace to wear and review, and we were so thrilled to receive it!
     This necklace fits her perfectly at 33cm circling right around her collar line! The recommendation is that the necklace is not long enough to be chewed on by the child, but not too tight to not move freely. With Bambeado, each bead is individually knotted, so that if the necklace got cut open, the beads would not come spilling off --this is important! Ember's necklace is 3x the circumference of her wrist with a twist clasp, so she will occasionally even wear it as a bracelet. Proper safety is always recommended. 
Gently wash in warm water before wearing

The selection online is fantastic. Bambeado brand has many colors of real Baltic Amber jewelry for children and adults as well as chew toys and adult Silicone jewelry if your child has a tendency to grab and chew whatever you are wearing!
    For us, we use amber necklaces especially during teething. It helps support the child and reduces drooling and swelling. Baltic Amber is known for releasing Succinct Acid which is anti-inflammatory, which is always a great addition to a cute necklace, am I right?
   Thanks again Bambeado for sending us this darling and useful necklace! These necklaces make fantastic baby shower or birthday gifts! Be sure to check out their whole line of Baltic Amber and Silicone necklaces online:

Much love,

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